2020 Monster Jam - April Craftalong

I have coveted one of these for the longest time!!

HE’S MINE!! I just showed him off to my virtual friends the other night!!

I don’t remember this one! Was this for a swap?


Yes, for a swap…which one? I can’t remember. Monsters have stolen my brain.
Maybe a Dotee swap? Weird Dotee, but then outer space monsters get a chance too.

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Outer space monsters should ALWAYS get a chance!

(also, now i want an outerspace moster dotee)

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I present my newest monster … Sprouted Pea

His full post is Here and he has glowing parts too


His teef!


I have another one! Loch Ness Feltie - Monster Jam 2020
I learned the fun of hand sewing with felt! I had so much fun making this. I want to make an entire village of felties (is that what these things are called?) and I plan to alter the pattern to make a bunch of other, random creatures too. :crazy_face:
Here is Finn with my cat Pandy (Pandemonium).


And I have a few of your monsters in my house too from a long ago monster swap! They’re soo cool. Mine even has a basket of eyeballs. :slight_smile:


:flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

They are monsters, what can you do?

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Pandy seems very OK about having little monsters as pals. does she ever steal them and take them for walks?


@magpie – I love the way the fleece monster looks with his hair up. LOL! They are all so cute and I love their personalities.

@marionberries – The “ugly” striped monsters are fantastic. I love the horns!!! I also love their eyes and belly buttons! The pumpkin guy is amazing. What was he sculpted out of? And Mothera is very cool!

@Cindy – The Spouted Pea monster is my favorite so far. There is just something about him.

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I started with a small plastic pumpkin party favor, you know the ones you can buy at any party store around halloween…6 or 8 to a package. Then I pulled the handle off and got out my trusty heat gun. I warmed up the little guy’s head and squished it with a book until i got the shape I wanted…less grinning pumpkin and more squinty.There was some whining and complaining and general grumpy muttering, but I don’t think I hurt him much, he was only a head at this point.

If I remember, I covered him with paper mache, probably tissue paper, added paper clay or polymer clay ( I can’t remember), more mache, lots of paint. I especially love the teeth.

The body is a basic pincushion ball shape, with arms. I attached the head through the bottom of the pumpkin using a button and strong thread to a button or maybe a washer at the bottom, pulling tight and squishing his body too. I think I may have put a heavy large washer inside the body at the bottom…or maybe a small bag of sand to help anchor him before I stuffed him. I solve these issues as I go and don’t always remember what I did.

His head is filled with candy corn, so you see, he is really harmless.

I thought this could also work for a snowman or elf or Santa too…maybe less scary, but then monsters are everywhere.


Oh, the same could totally work for other creatures!


Pandy is a boy (even though he is pretty enough to be a girl). :blush: I have five cats and Pandy was the only one showed any interest in the felt stuffies. I rescued this one from him, that’s why I took their picture together. I am keeping them on the only shelf that the cats don’t get on now. Just in case.

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Wow, what an incredible profusion of monsters! So many incredible creations, I have loved this so much.

Here are a few more of my cuddle little terrors to check out, 26 monsters all in a row.


I’ve been having fun doing the ATC weekend blitz. The first theme was myths, so I ended up making a set of fun ATCs with monsters from (mostly) Greek mythology. And @Bunny1kenobi suggested they might like to be part of the monster jam too!

1/6 myths (this one wasn’t my original idea, I saw a cartoon that made me laugh)

2/6 bubbles

3/6 positive vibes

4/6 monochromatic

5/6 under the sea

6/6 houses

(I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey lately…)


These monsters are utterly brilliant!!! I have a thing for monsters living their everyday lives (or what they do in the ‘offseason’), so these are quite appealing to me.

Thanks for bringing the JAM, @jemimah!!


These monsters are soo cool! I love your “silly and fast” style as you call it in the original post. Very cool and a very great addition!


@marionberries, I was just peeking through past personal swap photos looking for something and see what I came across?

It’s an early scrappy monster, he’s flat and ever so marvelous!


Oh my, @Magpie I had forgotten about her, They really are sweet. I will have to resurrect the scrappy monsters. I don’t have one of my own. I have lots of monsters from swaps, but all of mine have left home. I feel like a mother whose children have grown up and moved away…wait, I am a mother who’s children have grown up and moved away. Sigh. I couldn’t live with them anymore anyway. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: Nor could they live with me. Raising independent monsters and children has it’s price!