2021 DeStash-Along

I will have to have a look around

I made some stash curating progress this week. I made 2 crochet chains of bells to use in holiday decorating (at least.) getting 4 packs of bells several years old out of the stash bin and into a project, the yarn was leftover from the recent table mat I finally worked up and then I brought several books and magazines along with several duplicate sets of knitting needles to a local meet up of knitters/crocheters to see if anyone wanted them- and they did! So that made room on the shelves for a wayward stack of books that lost their home in the livingroom to toddler musical instruments.
Slowly but surely getting closer to my goal of having only as much stuff as I have nice space for it.


You guys.
What the heck.
The universe is laughing at me:

We’re decorating for Halloween at my house and we have a giant rope spiderweb that goes over the front of the house. My three year old declared she wants “a giant knitting spider to sit on it!”

I literally gave away a pair of giant knitting needles on Thursday. That I had had for years. Seriously!?


What size were they? I might have a set… :).

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Haha, your magical stash probably DOES!

I think they were 25mm (like I say, I’d never used them.)

I’m going to look at the spiders when they arrive and see if they can even be “knitting spiders” and then if I can’t figure out a solution from my stash I may just hit you up on the use it or lose it thread. It would be pretty funny to have knitting spiders. I love that kid. :slight_smile:

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I had no idea needles came in that size!!! I think the largest I have are 17US…those would be some pretty large spiders! Now might be the time to learn to sew…you could make a round pillow and attach legs in a lot less time! lol


If you don’t want to actually knit with them you could put together some giant knitting needles with some wooden dowels topped with a wooden sphere from the craft store pretty easily!


That is definitely on my radar, i’m hoping my stash can supply what we need… all providing of course that she even still thinks of it and wants it (she is just turned 3 afterall! haha)

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Hehe. Maybe you can just wait her out!

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I’m back after a summer hiatus that, among other things, included a pipe leak in the stash storage closet. Miraculously no supplies were lost but everything had to be moved and I wasn’t really able to access much in the way of fabric or tools for a couple months. I still managed to do some crafting (picking away at the auxiliary stash in my living room), but still somehow acquired way more fabric than I used up (thanks to friendly, helpful neighbors who are cleaning out older an older relative’s place and know I love small scale prints). Slow inroads on the yarn stash though, so I’m looking on the bright side!


I didn’t really diminish the space it takes to store paints, clay, beads, felt but I did use all stash to do these chalkware repaints!


Oh! And all the papers and embellishments for the half-dozen Halloween cards I made all came from stash, too. YEY! I think I’ll be getting most of the paper for xmas cards from stash as well. :grinning:


They are so creepy! Bravo, @TheMistressT !

I used up 5.5 balls of yarn, a couple buttons, and some jersey knit fabric…all stash.

What I added to my yarn/fiber stash this month is shameful, though. :joy:


Love that bag, I’d so rock that everywhere! Nice one, lady.

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Thank you! Your projects are always beautiful and these are no exception. The colors of that shawl are everything!

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That bag is great!

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I made a thing! From stash! With a sewing machine!!! Shocking!

It’s a simple clotch pad, but this style works well for me, and it has some plastic-y fabric sewn into the bottom part for extra safety. It folds out flat for quick drying after laundry too.


Cute fabric!

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I feel like the last few months of projects have been a lot more buy-specific-materials which is both thrilling and disappointing, right? I did make this Krampus themed pillow cover with all stash except one color of floss for the letters. I had close-enough colors for all the other parts or had to change them to suit the black aida anyway (two shades of grey where black was called for by the pattern maker).

Having completed this with stash (the fur and backing fabrics) got me thinking about which other projects finished recently I used at least some stash for… and it turns out there were a few that were all stash. SO YEY!







And then some that were partly stash.

So now I’m feeling a bit better about the pretty-much-all-new-materials projects! YEY!


I’ve managed a couple other stash-built projects. YEY!

Flour sack towel, cotton print panel, ric rac.

50-ish Xmas cards with all stash papers (not the card blanks, though)

12 thank you notes entirely from stash papers, card blanks, etc.


That is an impressive output, lady!

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