2021 DeStash-Along


My annual making of the year’s holiday cards into tags & bags. This year I added some boxes. This keeps the cards from becoming stash, but also busts quite a bit of printed card stock stash and a little ribbon stash. WOO!





My stash definitely grew in 2021. A new Craft Supply Embargo has been drafted and notarized (not really, although the husband is one… wait, that’s a terrible idea, he need not know the true depths of my depravity here.)
Anyway, in 2022 I am being intentional about regularly using the stash in mindful ways by making an effort to enjoy some crafting every day, even if it is only one row a day on a knit/crochet project.


Because I have randomly de-stashed today, is there going to be a 2022 de-stash-along?


Yes! I’m interested too!

@Trillian are you willing to start a destashalong for 2022?

I managed a couple small projects from stash at the end of December. This needle book for my sister, made while family were here for dinner on the 25th actually. She needed some embroidery floss & needles to do invisible mending on boyfriend’s coat & I didn’t want to send her off with loose needles so whipped this up.

Forgot to take photos, she texted me these meh shots, oh well. Cute fabric, some of my faves. Use The Good Stuff!


That fabric steals my heart! Love it!

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I destashed some fabrics, a couple of buttons, and a finished cross stitch project today! No pics yet as it was too dark by the time I finished.


Me, October - December 2021: I can’t wait for destashalong 2022! I’m going to actually participate this year! Not just say I will! Make a huge dent in my stash! Use up those bits I’ve had for years! Yeah!
Me, January 2022: Well, time to buy REDACTED yards of clearance Christmas fabric :sweat_smile:

I’m hoping to get some crafting done this long weekend and start chipping away. Does anyone know if there’s going to be a 2022 destash along?


Looks like @Trillian hasn’t been on the site since Jan 6. She’s been running the destashalong for as long as I can remember, she’ll probably start a topic for this year. Things can be posted here& moved later if you like.


So I’m starting the new year off by cleaning up my fabric stash. After 1000 masks and 4 lap quilts, two of them from block of the month craft along, my stash was a mess. I use project boxes better known as cat food trays, so fabric bits were e everywhere. I even found the small stash of holiday fabric…too late, of course.

We’ll see how long this lasts. I don’t have much yardage left, most is less than a yard. Then boxes of fat quarters, trays of med small bits and there is even a bin of little bits (green bin on the left). Yardage is stored in large bins elsewhere.

Not quite done yet, but progress has been made. The cheap shelf dividers are great



Ooh, I like the shelf dividers!

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They are a bit floppy, but I think they will work. I did thread cereal box cardboard into the crossbars on them. It’s so nice to see what I have!


I love having some old jeans around for projects but they do take up space. So one leg became a wine carrier plus some red quilted fabric and a bit of paint. My stash never gets much smaller though.

Full post here: Take It and Go Wine Tote


Once my craft room is all set up I am very excited to be using my stash to craft along with you all this year!
I have started one portable project - but I had to buy what I needed :grimacing:


I did it! Whew, finally used up 2 of 3 Lion brand mandala shawl-in-a-ball cakes. I picked them up in Asheville in the long ago days before covid.

It’s a baby blanket for our new cousin, we’re on the way to visit now so good thing I finally got it done! It’s 29x29"


Looks great, well done getting it done in time!

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Well, there are ends… we won’t talk about those though… :roll_eyes:

It could use blocking too but we’re on a 5 hr shuttle bus to her town so watcha gonna do?


Five hours? Make it a community builder- dump a bottle of water on it and have 3 strangers hold a corner and pull taut until dry. haha


Posting here to remind myself to DO SOMETHING! I won’t tell y’all how much yardage I have plus other things. Just need to get out of my rut! Anyone else feel this way?