2022 Calendar Based A Family Joke

  1. There’s a bit of a family joke about Cuisinart food processor gifts that also involves calendars. There are a few family “jokes” involving calendars, actually.

  2. TheMisterT loves to cook, is quite good at it, and does most of it in our house. He’s mentioned a few times when he’s made a recipes that uses a food processor that our classic 11-cup “cuis” is too big for and therefore doesn’t really process properly.

  3. I decided to look into a “baby cuis” for him and found them quite affordable, so bought it for him for xmas.

There4) Obviously, he needed a calendar, too!

So I made a quick n’ dirty diaper - well, not a dirty diaper - for the box, dug out one of my very own baby blankets (a quilt made from me by my Great Aunt Meem) and took a portrait. More like a “poor-trait” but, good enough for a gag gift!

I purchased the calendar page printables from an Etsy seller to expedite this whole process. It came with both 2022 and 2023, so maybe I’ll go on a wee calendar making binge in the future!

My original intent was to staple the calendar pages to the backer in the style of old-fashioned business advertising promos, but… I can’t find our stapler. SO! I punched holes and attached them with brads. Then used a decorative eyelet for hanging it.


I love this idea. I can’t help but imagine Baby Cuis’s monthly milestone photos on that blanket :laughing: .

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Thank you!

OMG! Maybe I need to set something like that up for a full 12-month 2023 calendar!


This is adorable and I think the brads turned out classier than a staple would have. Great job!


Awesome! At first I thought it was huge! It makes it better that it is a little baby cuis.

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Hysterical!! Love the baby pic!

Too bad that a fake positive pregnancy test and gender reveal couldn’t be part of the package! :joy:

Thank you, pals!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: We would be RICH, because that would be a miracle!

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This is hysterical and so well executed!

Thank you!

Now I have to decide if I on going to guide him to unwrap this or the Baby Cuis first. It seems like it would be more fun to do this first to watch him figure out what’s in the next box. Like getting car keys and then going out to the driveway to find the car with the big red bow, but for under $50! :joy:

Dude, this is hilarious. You gotta come back and share the reaction, it’s gonna be super fun I’m sure!

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