2022 Destash-Along

My young cat is barred from the craft room unless I am in there. He loves the place and climbs and jumps to get anything interesting.
We had a cat that loved to pull pins off the pin magnet holder thing or out of fabric. That scared me!
The last crash (some one left the door open) was the ribbon box. Spools everywhere.


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It’s time to vote in the All Things Being Equal - A Craft The Equinox 2022 Challenge! The poll is live through Oct 27! Choose carefully, friends!

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More paper stash busted!


A couple more stash-intensive projects this week!

Another Make-a-wish Matchbox

And a Halloween prop: a faux barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat and rack.


Well. This yarn is back in stash. I didnt like the end product enough:


That yarn would make a great picnic basket in basketweave stitch.

This past week I’ve destashed a bunch of minky fabric to make cushions,

a huge piece of loose weave cotton I couldn’t resist at the thrift store to make tea towels,

and 2 sweaters that shrunk in the wash for this bodum cosy.

It stays closed fairly well on it’s own but maybe I’ll add a button or hook to keep it snug.

2 layers of wool with insulbrite inside. We take this bodum camping, all those layers are sure to keep the coffee nice & hot.

I’m pretty happy it’s autumn & the crafting groove has gotten so groovy already.


The coffee cover is great! It will also keep it from getting dinged up if it has adventures with falling or bumping around.

The basket weave suggested is pretty!

November is right around the corner!

Color: Purple
Pattern: Scallop
For: Adjustments
Challenge: November is a time when we are really in the full swing of a transitional season (autumn/fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere) and it can also be a time when we’re ready to prepare for the coming season (winter and summer respectively). Modify a favorite piece of clothing for the changing weather, for a new size, for a different person, or a different purpose. Add or subtract details and accents in home or yard décor: window coverings, hand/tea towels, tea/coffee/cocktail accessories, pillow covers & cases, door decorations, door mats, mailbox accents, Make some “just-in-case” things: emergency kits for home, car, school, work, boxes or pouches for car, bag, luggage, first-aid and medical needs or what if the weather outside is frightful and dinner guests turn into overnight guests?


Lol, I just did purple, tea towel, pillow/cushion cover, guest and coffee!
I also just finished these quickie curtains. We had an unexpected guest in the attic & had thrown a blanket up for a curtain but as the days went on I wanted something at least a little better. I thought black fleece would be affordable, easy, require no hemming, add a little insulation & block light but not completely because dark room + teenager = late for school.
And then their stay was over, just as suddenly as it began! But the fabric was bought & I sure didn’t want it to stay in stash so here are two incredibly fast curtain panels.

Some ribbon from stash sewn about 1.5" down from the top hem

When the curtains are open, the top bit sticks up. When closed, it falls behind the curtain rod adding a bit of light blocking along the top edge.

Unintentional bonus.


You are on a crafting mode!

Are those all rainbows behind the curtains? What an interesting room…so much cool stuff to look at…

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I’m pretty sure that rainbow is a paper tag from a prize I won from @MistressJennie at the Asheville get together. The circles are really cool ornaments from @JoyfulClover that have clear prints of a seed germinating in stages.
There is so much neat-o swap stuff in that room from when it was my sewing studio. When we changed it to Rob’s office he wanted me to leave it all. No problem, there’s way more I put up in the new studio :smile:


Had two long-time friends visit for the first time together in 4 years on Tuesday and it was great to see them in person- but even greater is that one of them fell in love with a yarn in my yarn cabinet and so she went home with 3 and a bit skeins of Vannas Choice (grapefruit) and the other friend snatched up 2 little remnants of DGY Philomena and the ill-fated unfinished elephant hat that the kid was going to be for Halloween and then changed her mind to ghost. Serendipitously, that helmet base (a crochet ear-flap hat) worked up too big for my mini-me and my adult friend found it a perfect fit and loves it for shoveling out her NH abode.

Wins all around!
Stash freed: 3 full, 3 partial skeins, one WiP.


That is wonderful that you found new homes for some of your stash…

I seriously want people to visit me and walk away with some of my stuff…@magpie visited me and took some green yarn leftovers but that barely dented anything…I am going to insist on a suitcase full next time for anyone who visits!..lol


I’ll come back!


Proposal: You use some stash fabrics/ribbons/yarns to make large drawstring bags. Then when anyone visits you they get a bag and aren’t allowed to leave an inch of breathing space in there by the time the visit is over. It promotes crafty talk, playing around in the stash together, AND a double stashbust! lol


Like a fill-a-bag rummage sale, but it’s stash and it’s FREE!


ha ha ha I miss my friends stopping by and going home with a quilt or afghan as well…great idea…


OMG I’ll be right over!!!




I’m not big on traveling but might need to make an exception!