2022 Destash-Along

We’re getting a bit of a late start this, so let’s just think of it as Three-quarters of 2022 Destash-Along! Our wonderful host seems to be taking a bit of a break, so I’ve “volunteered” to start it up. :wink: I will lean heavily on their 2020 and 2021 Destash-Alongs to try to come up with some Monthly prompts, starting with April. But you don’t have to wait until April to post your Destash projects! G’head and share your 2022 Stash-built and Stash-assisted Projects while I try to figure out just what I’m doing and by April I ought to have a little something. No need to repeat/move if you’ve already shared in the 2021 thread, though. Should our dear @Trillian wish to take back the reins later on, I will hand them right over. :slightly_smiling_face:

Image from Green Eco-Friend.

Craft stashes are a source of both inspiration and exasperation. There are so many great projects lurking there just waiting to be made, but too much or too messy and a stash can overwhelm and “paralyze” a maker! And let’s face it, a big or unruly stash can upset the harmony of a home, too. :wink:

There’s so much satisfaction when you already have just the right thing for your project or when your creation is completed without ever even having to step away from your craft space. Still, it can be hard to get started; so here is a place to come for a little nudge to get you digging into your stash! I’ll try to keep up the Monthly Prompts and, of course, your fellow Lettuce Crafters’ posts are always full of great ideas so scroll down and get inspired!

What are you waiting for? Get stash-bustin’!



Color: Yellow – a color of new flowers and turning leaves. Suitable for spring in the north and autumn in the south!
Pattern: Random/Scatter
For: The joy of creating
Challenge: Make something just-because; because you’ve always admired something like it, because you want to try a new-to-you technique, because you want to revisit a medium you tried a long time ago, because it’s OK to make something just for the sake of making it.

Color: Pink
Pattern: Ombre/Fade
For: Transitions
Challenge: Think literal, metaphorical, and even metaphysical transitions. Doors, porches, & balconies, hallways, foyers, porticoes, etc. Cars, trains, buses, bikes, skates, your own two feet. New class, new job, new house, new role. New life phases or outlooks even.

Color: Rainbow
Pattern: Geometrics
For: Celebrations
Challenge: Rainbows seem like the sky is celebrating! Bring that natural joy to a gathering or milestone in your life or the life someone you care about. Baked goods, serving pieces, banners/buntings, flags, tabletop décor, door décor, greeting cards, gift wrap, signs for windows (home, work, car, camper…), jewelry, etc.

Color: Red
Pattern: Dots & Spots
For: Shelter
Challenge: Umbrellas and parasols, awnings/canopies/flies, hats & visors, cozies/coozies, shades & screens, slipcovers. Covers for critters, your cuppa, the corn-on-the-cob at the company picnic! Also anything that could be donated to human and animal shelters & rescues, immigrant & refugee support organizations, natural disaster assistance, reintegration programs, any group that helps provide physical, mental, emotional shelter to any who are in need.

Color: Blue
Pattern: Ovals
For: Outside
Challenge: New porch décor, something for the deck or pool, picnic/camping gear, lawn games, playhouse, car antenna, window box, gardening/yardwork/harvest caddies, snowman accessories, hats/coats, rain/snow gauge, patio furniture, mailbox decorations, bird/bat house, play equipment for kids/pets/squirrels… anything that is meant for the fresh air!

Color: Neutrals – all the browns & greys, stark black and/or white.
Pattern: Herringbone/chevron
For: Someone you have never made for or seldom make for – this could be YOU.
Challenge: Take a chance with a monochrome palette! Use textures to create variation by combining different media and/or by taking something flat and making it three-dimensional or visa versa.

Color: Orange
Pattern: Stripes
For: Comfort
Challenge: Maybe someone in your circle has lately had a tough time or is supporting someone who is. Maybe there’s a charity that could use items for their mission, for a fund raiser, or to reward their volunteers. Maybe your pet could use a new bed, a family member could use new socks, a friend could use some encouraging mail, or a co-worker some uplifting office/cubical/desk décor. How about tea/coffee/cocktail accessories or a baked treat?

Color: Purple
Pattern: Scallop
For: Adjustments
Challenge: November is a time when we are really in the full swing of a transitional season (autumn/fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere) and it can also be a time when we’re ready to prepare for the coming season (winter and summer respectively). Modify a favorite piece of clothing for the changing weather, for a new size, for a different person, or a different purpose. Add or subtract details and accents in home or yard décor: window coverings, hand/tea towels, tea/coffee/cocktail accessories, pillow covers & cases, door decorations, door mats, mailbox accents, Make some “just-in-case” things: emergency kits for home, car, school, work, boxes or pouches for car, bag, luggage, first-aid and medical needs or what if the weather outside is frightful and dinner guests turn into overnight guests?

Color: Green
Pattern: Plant-like patterns: leaves, acorns, flower buds, rose hips, blades of grass, etc.
For: Tying up loose ends, closing doors behind us, preparing for a fresh a start.
Challenge: The thing you’ve not yet got around to or have been putting off. Wrap up a WIP that you thought for-sure you would finish this year, but haven’t or make that idea that won’t leave your mind no matter how many other things you do instead. Use that stash that won’t stop calling to you! Use the oldest AND the newest stash in one piece or in frenzied destash-a-thon! Show your stash who is boss (hint: it’s YOU) one last time before 2023.


I do love a good stash bust!


Scrappy mugrug finished last night, I have it on my desk at the office right now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My stash is literally getting packed up as I type this, so I’ll have to use this as inspiration to really dig into it as we unpack in the new house next week!


:yarn: :scissors: :art: Congratulations! Your highly-anticipated Craftalong has been Featured this week. Happy crafting everyone! :art: :scissors: :yarn:


Thanks for hosting @TheMistressT. The destash-along is normally one of my favorite threads.

Great mugrug @Magpie. I was trying to explain a mugrug to my co-worker one day and she just couldn’t understand it’s purpose. Maybe my reaction of “you know a mugrug! Waddya mean you’ve never heard of a mugrug???” didn’t translate well.


Look at me, ahead of my own ETA!

Color: Yellow – a color of new flowers and turning leaves. Suitable for spring in the north and autumn in the south!
Pattern: Random/Scatter
For: The joy of creating
Challenge: Make something just-because; because you’ve always admired something like it, because you want to try a new-to-you technique, because you want to revisit a medium you tried a long time ago, because it’s OK to make something just for the sake of making it.


Coasters for work mates including one sunny yellow & another with mountains & a scatter of clouds in the sky.

Very much wanted to try an economy square. I obviously did not measure anything because, well, I just don’t.

Also mugrugs for my sis & step mama,

they can choose their own sizes etc but I have an idea who will prefer which.

I don’t really “get” mugrugs either. I’m not eating cookies off them, that feels weird to me. I do have a water jug & cup I keep by the bed & another set at the office though & that seems to fit just right.


Looooovvvvve the mountains! Perfect choices of fabrics! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:


Love this prompt! I need to use some stuffs so I can buy more stuffs


The April prompt has me already plotting & planning!


Spring is a heavy birthday time for my peeps, so when I saw something like this on pinterest I decided to do a few for some of the upcoming spring (and one summer) birthday! All the papers, stamps, gems, etc. are from stash. I did buy candles and the matchbooks, though. Now I have a matchbook stash, because the box had 100 in it. :person_shrugging:


:tada::tada: Announcement :tada::tada:

There is a new sitewide craft challenge contest. If you have made something inspired by this(or any other) craftalong, then this challenge is for you.
Inspired-along 2022 lettuce craft challenge

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Yay! I’m hoping to properly participate this year. We just moved and my craft stash is, unfortunately, still packed, but the goal this year is to use up or donate at least 1/2 of my stash. I don’t have any one particular craft-love so I’ve got supplies for lots of different kinds of crafts, another of my goals is to use up the oldest item in each “type” section.


Ooo! It will be fun to watch your progress!

Delia’s April Fools Day disguise: The Schmawzalotl was all stash.

It’s sheer luck that I have a generic hot pink anything, let alone polar fleece which was the perfect material for this. And sheer luck that while mulling over what to stuff them with I remembered not only that I had caulk backer rod, but knew exactly where it was. WOO!


This is just such a great prompt for April. Tonight I started my project - got my base ready, washing some supplies, gathering together other supplies. Doing it all from stash!


I can’t wait to see what you make!

I made my first rag wreath (and I say “first” because can definitely see this becoming an addiction) all from stash for the recent flat rate swap. Some fabrics I know I inherited from the stash of a woman who passed in 1997, the rest all date from there out. I love how it came out and I think part of why I took so long finishing the rest of the crafting for that swap was to keep it hanging in my space longer! Haha

This pic shows the colors better.