2022 Mend and maintain-along

BAHAHAHAAAAAAA! That’s awesome!

This reminds me: about 20 years ago I was given a black fleece vest with a white logo by a consulting firm doing work for the company I worked for. So I just colored the white threads with a black sharpie! I still have that vest, but TheMisterT has taken it over for running. The sharpie has faded a bit with time and laundering, but it’s still WAY more subtle.


Linen needs some care in handling/washing apparently. Careful with the the tumble drier, for example.

We have linen duvet covers and pillowcases that are holding up well.

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We’ve gone through several sets of linen sheets. We wear out the bottom sheet, but the top sheet is in pretty good shape. But I figure it’s a bonus, I have a large piece of linen to use for other projects, and the edges of the bottom sheet are still useful for smaller things like extra pillowcases, bags, crafts, etc. It’s usually the foot area that just gets too thin.


Ah, I get it. We don’t have a linen bottom sheet since we haven’t found any that size.

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Horribly amateur, but no longer holes so that’s a win!


More patches on all 3 pairs of swants!

I am so very happy to have them mended now when I’m still wanting cosy pants to change into in the evenings.

They get holey so quickly, I’ll be mending them again soon I’m sure, lol.


I just did (an awful) visible mend on another pair of kid leggings (same spot as the others, I need to find whatever she keeps sitting/leaning on!)

and now I’m working on some Fairy Wings (like ya do). They are hand me down dress up clothes of not high quality to begin with and played with none to delicately.


I like the star mending!! Cute!

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Thank you!

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Nice! I think your mending makes the wings so much better.


Not sure why I missed this thread this year!!
Haven’t done a lot of mending this year, but hopefully will get around to that some time. My pile is getting bigger and bigger. We have two different pillowcases on the bed now because from all my (three) sets there’s one pillow case in the mending pile… I also need to hem Mr Imma’s new pants. My grandma always taught me to keep the cut-offs in the scrap bag in case the pants get damaged later on, then you have some fabric for mending. The logic is sound. But I also have her scrap bag and it’s filled with cut-off pant legs. Apparantly you don’t need them that often.

Mr Imma has previously worked for two employers that loved giving away good quality swag with their ugly logo on it. For the backpack he uses most days, he bought a sew-on patch from a local band and it was just big enough to cover their logo completely. When I’m at home I wear an ugly fleece cardigan that he got from a work relation once - there’s a logo patch on the front and the logo is embroidered on both the front and across the back! Otherwise it’s a great, soft fabric, warm, perfect fit. I just make sure no one sees me! Mr Imma is always laughing when I wear it because the product the company makes is something I absolutely hate. It’s just that my frugal principles are even stronger than my dislike for that product.


Thank you!

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Can you post a pic of the logos and maybe we can brainstorm some fun solutions for you? Or maybe it’s not that pressing a problem?

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Other patches to cover logos are great, larger areas use pretty fabric or a piece from a worn-out garment.
Be bold, for the back cover with a rectangle (go larger if you like) and then embroider the edge on, add other embroideries, have fun. Or create a quilt square, or fabric master board (scraps stitched every which way to a base fabric). Make a statement, make it your own!


Black on black mending is not my favourite, but it was just a tiny hole so I did it anyway. It’s on the leg of my work out trousers and it would have looked awkward with a visible mend.


A lot of my mends needs an hour or less. I procrastinate right at the end, lol.
3 straps mended, 2 bags & a dress.

I love this little craft carrier @pottermouth made for me in a swap but I am impatient & found I couldn’t be fussed to do up the pretty little tie & that was keeping me from carrying it around with me. I reconfiged to a little snapped strap.

& used another bit of the tie to add a flap for keeping tools from slipping out.

I love this thing & am excited about carrying it around.


It’s indeed beautiful! I hope it will get a lot of use now!!

I need to give myself a little kick in the behind and get around to mending this morning. I’m off work until 1:30 (it’s 10 am now) and I need to hem one last pair of pants for Mr Imma and I need to get around fixing a pile of pillowcases and duvet covers. I fixed a few some time ago but I only did the easy fixes…


I have a travel embroidery project planned! I’ll fill it up with stuff this week.

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Not sure how well this fits this thread, but I did kind of mend/maintain one of Delia’s beds, but taking apart another dog cushion to use it’s foam. I cut it into an oval, covered it with a rubber lined fabric and an upholstery fabric to go into a bed where the center cushion had gone flat. It’s her fireside bed. I will try to get a pic when the photo upload issue gets fixed.


I’m on vacation, but I brought a project and my mending pile. My in-laws are triggering my anxiety hard, so all I’ve really done is some rage cleaning (they’re going to be selling their vacation home and won’t hire cleaners and can’t manage it themselves) and angry mending. But, I’ve repaired the knees on two pairs of kiddo’s sweatpants. I also deep-cleaned some doors, doorways, walls, baseboards, appliances, and switch plates. Tonight, I’m secretly sanitizing the kitchen after everyone is in bed (there was a raw chicken incident that won’t be mentioned - it wasn’t me - and I don’t need anyone coming down with salmonella). :flushed::person_facepalming::crazy_face::person_shrugging: