2022 Mend and maintain-along

Lol. I think you have the bigger, deluxe version. :wink:

I have my mom’s scrapbooking to thank for the easy pic access.


That’s perfect! Fits with the ”use what you have” craft along too.

My work out trousers have the logo printed down the leg, and it’s crumbling off, spreading orange flakes. Unfortunately I’d need A Lot of patches to cover it up…

I don’t really mind wearing worn/weird outfits to the gym, but my partner is a bit more sensitive :laughing: And since we go together most of the time I’ve been thinking of ways to spruce up my trousers.

I guess I should just suck it up and shorten/hem my other pair.


Oh, and it’s april already! Good thing I wrote the prompts in advance. I’ll have to see if I can do something for this prompt today. It’s probably time to give the wooden utensils some love again since someone keeps putting them in the dishwasher.


I patched two pillowcases today! You’ve seen those boring ugly things a few times before, so I didn’t take a picture (or honestly, I just already put them in the washing machine without thinking about it).

I’m still holding out buying new sets, because we’re going to do up our bedroom next year and I want sheets, curtains and wallpaper that go together. But these pillowcases are wearing so thin that they’re not going to last. In my stash I found a single bed sized duvet cover, looks basically new. I think an old roommate left it but we don’t own a single bed. So I’m glad I’ve found a new purpose for it!


I feel like that patch might be better than the original! Super fun!


My mending pile is gone!!!

  • One duvet cover, the top was wearing thin and frayed. So I sewed the opening at the bottom closed and opened up the top. I cut away the fraying and hemmed it again. We can use it upside down now!
  • I found an as good as new singled bed sized duvet cover in my stash, we don’t have a single bed anymore. So I ripped open the seams and used one side of the duvet cover to make three new pillowcases. That tiny scrap in the left hand corner is all that was left over!

I also fixed a bunch of tiny holes that aren’t really worth mentioning and only took 5 minutes per item, but some of them were in the pile for months.


Awesome! So, I’m boxing up the heap of stuff next to my chair, what’s your address? :laughing::wink:


Couldn’t sleep due to a congested nose and a persistent cough. So instead of staring into nothing in the dark and disturbing my husband’s sleep, I came back here (my office and LC). Decided to tackle a couple of bras that went from supportive to stabby, that were waiting by my desk for ages.I stabbed them back with a needle and a bit of thread, and I hopefully have these two bras back in service now.


Finally had the serger out & threaded with the right colour to fix a tiny hole in the side of a work cardi. It’s been there for about 3 years, took less than 15 seconds to stitch up :roll_eyes:. What’s that all about?


Sometimes, the things that need to be done in preparation to do the actual task, make it seem far more onerous.

ETA I’m not loving my wallet mend and may need to come up with an alternate idea


I finished up a couple more sweatpants mends…just in time for my kiddo to hand me a couple more. :joy:


Nice! Did you use variegated thread?


I need holes in my sweats! I love these mends.


Thanks! Yes, I did.

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These look great (as usual)! And suddenly I am realizing that TheMisterT has recently beholed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: a pair of sweats that he loves and I could actually do a cool mend like yours. Have you already explained it or linked somewhere that I could see?


I don’t think I’ve detailed the mend anywhere. I just cut a bit of another pair of sweatpants, big enough to cover the hole and extend past the weak areas. I pin that in place, then use an embroidery hoop to hold it all snug. I used stitches that I can work entirely from the top, because pulling the needle from inside a pair of tiny sweatpants wasn’t going to happen.


Oh no! I rediscovered one more mending pile while digging around in my craft room. Among them a flimsy but comfortable tencel top with some weird and not entirely successful mends. I think I know why it ended up forgotten in the bottom of the pile.



THANKS! I think I can manage this and it could be a good project for sitting on the sofa in the evenings.


I’m going for a easy win today. The hanger for this towel has been dead for a while. I’m unpicking the seam and going to sew a new ribbon in place.


I started mending the quilt we use on our bed (it’s 10+ years old now). It had a handful of little holes. Got done with those, put it back on the bed, then realized that there was a bigger hole up at the top and the edge is getting badly worn. sigh Guess there’s some serious mending in its future.