2023 DeStash-Along

How about colour blocking? I love this look, it’s so nice being able to use a few pretty fabrics together.

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I’ve set aside a few combinations that might work out. Problem is that most pieces are just too small, and I’m not a fan of crazy quilt clothes–at least not for me, I think some look pretty cool on others. Though those big side pockets would reduce the length of fabric needed for the sides, I’ll think about that…

My new (40- year-old) buttonholer arrived, and it even works on my modern janome machine! Pretty buttonholes, yay!


Destashed these 2 amis to a coworker for a kid he knows that has hamsters.

They only needed cute faces to be done, finally stitched them up & sent them on their way!


Those are so cute, @Magpie !

I finally finished my fabric inventory - roughly 520 fabrics, and about 272 yards by weight (which is super inaccurate but you’ve got to start somewhere), mostly in pieces less than half a yard. I had no idea! I just thought I had two small dressers plus a couple tubs.

It may not have made much sense but I did the inventory before weeding, so that’s the next task on my plate. I should be able to do a first pass cull this weekend and then start trying to find things new homes, either in the crafting channel on our work Slack or the neighborhood buy-nothing group. Let’s see if I can reduce this massive stash it by a couple containers!

You can fit a lot of fabric in a small space:


Oh man, can I come over? I adore all those tiny prints!

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I destashed some orange and green fabrics…hardly a dent, but, at least I did not purchase any more!

I followed the carrot bag tutorial that @magpie posted…


I love the shape on these, and the fabrics are so nice. Great work!

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So cute!

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Does it count if I’ve acquired a bit of someone else’s stash? Lol I already plan to make a hat with the gray yarn.


Did it just wander in and ask for a home? I’d keep it. A lot of my stash was someone else’s stash first, and may have had many other foster homes before ending up with me. It’s so good of you to give it a home and a purpose in life.


Gosh, that grey yarn is beautiful.

I destashed some fabric I bought to make pants for the man before covid & a pattern from the queue to make this crossback apron.

No pants for Bobby, so sad.

And I sent a sack of fabric to my daughter’s school for their sewing class, lots of fun vintage stuff @sloth003 shared with me from a big trunk someone gave her. They are very happy to have it!


I used up several skeins of yarn making blanket squares (my local yarnworkers group will turn them into blankets):

& used some yarn, safety eyes, and stuffing making dumpling kitties:

pattern: Dumpling Kitty, Ravelry link


Love those kitties!


Love the dumpling kitties @jellybean !

and most of my stash started out as someone else’s first too @sheepBlue . Funny how it still takes up space no matter the source ! :wink: Can’t wait to see what you make with that yarn - it looks nice and cozy.

I’m trying out new patterns now that I finally broke down and joined the Blythe army (after first seeing them on the old site back in … 2006?). This one can be made using much smaller scraps than my other dresses, thus opening even more fabric into the “potentially doll clothes” category. Whoops!

Inger Shift Dress pattern by Tirin & Katten


Where are extra-dimensional storage holes? Very useful.


Yes I adopted the yarn. I don’t feel too bad about it :slight_smile:


Where are you finding patterns for your Blythe? Is there a site somewhere? I’ve been looking at the library and at Etsy, but haven’t seen much. I’m mostly looking for some overalls so mine can match my geocaching outfit and I can get some photos of her in the outdoors. So it would actually be overalls and a tee shirt. or a tank top. Depends on the weather, lol.

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Did you know that Skipper dolls are the same body used for Blythe? I bought Skipper doll patterns way back in the day when I was making Blythe clothes for friends. You can sometimes find vintage Skipper doll clothes online and in thrift shops as well. Also, Ravelry has a lot of knitting patterns for Blythe, including hats and cute little sweaters!

Lots of freebies online as well…

So cute! Blythe basic dress



I think adopting stash, rather than binning it is still a good thing. Many things will either be used because they want to be, or a new, new home will arise.

I feel, maybe a kind of circle of life for stash.

@HelenR-H was getting rid of some good wool (and other) fabrics many years ago in a move. I refused to let them be binned, so they’re now in my stash but some have been used! I still have loads but no need to get rid yet
(oh, some yellow curtain fabric did get binned in my move, never saw a place for that in my world!!)


@irid3sc3nt I’ve seen so many interesting patterns on etsy but so far I’ve stuck to Tirin & Katten patterns because she includes a lot of diagrams and my garment sewing skills are too rusty to rely on written explanations. Shoulder seams are my current nemesis. Her shop is mostly dresses but she does have a trouser pattern that covers a lot of different sizes.

@AIMR - Thank you so much for the pattern links! I haven’t been brave enough to tackle vintage patterns or pants yet, but I’m trying to build my confidence with each new pattern. And my ravelry queue is full of blythe patterns now. Gotta use those bits and bobs of sock yarn somehow!

Speaking of Tirin & Katten dresses, I’m working my way through the various variations of the Lisbeth pattern and absolutely loving it. Two more necklines to try after this!

Scoop Neck

Square Neck
(and the last of this fabric!)