2023 DeStash-Along

I hope there’s a button challenge…soooo many buttons.


@steiconi February will have a “round & circles” theme that is open to interpretation!


Welcome back! Nice to see you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I might be…

Yes! I started a Use The Good Stuff swap today! I have so many lovely little treasures & special fabric, I’m starting the year off with intentions to use that awesome stuff. As @edel reminded me, it’s such a pleasure to use beautiful supplies. That’s what crafting is all about for me after all, enjoying the process, creating things that get my heart singing.

My destash Goals for this year are to:
-Use the good stuff!
-Bust all the WIPS!
-Get the craft rooms under control.
-Take on realistic new projects & really only the ones I truly want to do, or at least minimizing the whims.
-Low/no buy.
-Craft for charity
-Stockpile handmade gifts
-Teach some classes.


You know I’m here for the party. Thanks for setting it up and nice to see you back!

Main goal: To create a stash that suits the space and my interests. Reducing/using up supplies that have languished or been overlooked. Giving room to breathe to all the types of supplies so that I can actually see and use what I have and not lose things to eternity because they’re buried so long they are no longer usable or buried so long that I am buried before anyone sees them!

Total items out: (15.5 skeins)

*Mouse assisted destash: lion brand woolspun yarns: 5 skeins (red, white, blue, brown, green) :frowning:

*Lion brand Vanna’s Choice:
Purple (3), Linen (2), white (1.5), aqua (3)

*Lily Sugar n Creme: purple (1)

Projects made:
Purple wrap

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Awwww yeah! So glad you’re back and already have this going for the year! WOOT!

My first finished project of the year is an all-stasher and I used up alllll of the Snotex I had - which is white - to get it done. I use my stash a lot, but I feel like I hardly ever use anything up, ya’ know? Anyway, here’s my Santa Globe which wasn’t done in time for the holiday this year, but was done in time to put it away with the holiday decorations.

Bonus Challenge Stuff: I would like to put a real dent in the scrap wood stash that was mostly acquired this year from a neighbor who was moving. I would like to not add fabric-just-because to my fabric stash.


I interrupt this normally scheduled programing to announce…it’s time to VOTE for our current challenges!!

Green Holiday Greens

Great Lettuce Craft Bake Off!


I am currently working on a white-ish sweater from my stash…and it is rows and rows of crochet! lol

Bonus challenge: I have so much stuff collected for junk journals when, in reality, I am just not into making junk journals. I really want to pare down most of the “trash” I have been saving but actually doing something with it or throwing it out.

Over the holidays, I did throw out at least 15 flattened Cheezit boxes…this is one of my husband’s favorite snacks so I doubt I could not grab one anytime I needed it out of the recycle…I use them to make covers of journals, but again, no need to save that many!


Oh dear, my daughter is destashing her room. This is not even half of what she’s getting rid of. LOTS of art supplies & special treasures.

I’ll have to resist the temptation to fold it all into my hoard, erm, stash. I’m sure there are some really precious bits & bobs that will be perfect for Use The Good Stuff swap!


This is definitely how I have obtained many fabric / yarn items!!


Our cousin was here for dinner, she rummaged & took a small box. Hardly made a dent but it was still something!


Is that a scrappy patchwork bag w/ buttons all over? And she’s getting rid of it? :broken_heart:


My first TM bag, it has so many swap patches. Would you like it?


…maybe? (If someone else wants it, please send to them, but I’d hate to see it unloved…)


I’ll offer some things in take it or lose it, lots of awesome treasure to share!


They didn’t make much of a dent in my stash, but they will end up in my ready-to-hand gift pile, so that’s a win.

Two single-decade rosaries, entirely from stashed beads/components:


My goals for this year:

  • use more supplies than I bring in
  • use the good stuff
  • finish WIPs
  • make the projects that I bought supplies for & never started

My goal this year is to intentionally use more of my stash, particularly yarn. I rearranged rooms recently so my craft room got downsized to a half room that I share with my WFH station now. I was able to fit all my yarn into 2 bins, but it’s a tight squeeze so I need to free up space. I’ve been making knit gift bags for future gifting so that’s slowly working away on some random small balls of yarn lol. Slow and steady, right?


Are you using a pattern for the bags or just winging it? That’s a fun idea.

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Some I am completely winging (one of them is very wonky because of this lol), and others I’m pulling stitch patterns from hats or fair isle charts or randomness. I’m trying to have fun with it, and am learning a few new tricks as I go along. :smiley:


That’s such a cool way to practice stitches! I need to use up yarn too, maybe I finally will learn to knit, hmm…