2023 DeStash-Along

Finally finished this set of mug rugs that had been in my UFO pile for way too long.

It’s all stash. I inherited a box of quilt pieces and leftovers from an unfinished quilt years ago from my aunt, and I think some of it’s from that, and other bits from scraps of fabric and batting. I was going to go buy some binding, but then there was a piece of a matching beige polka dot that was just enough. It was good to use up some more of the very old fabric and turn it into something nice for a gift.


Those are adorable! (They also remind me that I have a similar project, half-done :person_facepalming:)


Two gift bags from stash


These are great! They look so complex and interesting. You do such a lovely job with the colour placement!


Thanks! :smiley:


Wow, those coasters! & followed shortly by wicked good knits. All from stash!


I haven’t been active in this thread this year (it’s my stash and I’ll hoard if I want to), but following our bathroom reno, the next room to do is my son’s, which shares a wall with the bathroom and we had a damp issue. So being the selfless mum that I am (and maybe I didn’t think he’d want to), I suggested that before we fix his room, we ask if he wanted to swap to the bigger room that is my craft room.

So, yeah. Smaller room = smaller stash. Slightly sad that I don’t think I will have room for the cutting table my husband made, but I need to measure dimensions and work it out.

So I am going to read through this thread (watch out for the months-after likes) for inspiration and kicks in the butt.


I am interested in your stash inventory methods. Does anyone else keep track? @AIMR maybe I have read that you have spreadsheets? :wink:

I think I need to do something like this as I move my stuff into my smaller space.


Yes…I have an excel spreadsheet. I have multiple pages in the spreadsheet by location…

I number each item and use a good description so I can sort and find.

For example, I have a Pink Plastic Bin #1…I try to keep like stuff or groups, but, sometimes they don’t fit. It might have wooden boxes, styrofoam balls, birdhouses…I list quantity if necessary.

Then, I have a sheet for just my craft room…I list the items and where they are located…like bookcase, closet, metal shelf, under desk, etc.

I take pictures of my yarn and fabrics and insert them into the spreadsheet as well.

I can use a key word to find anything, but to be honest, I pretty much know where everything is just from memory. It is the items I don’t use much that I can’t find…like little mirrors that I use for embroidery! Those kind of things are in my spreadsheet.

You have to develop a system that works for you…how you think and what makes sense to you. And, I think you need a few “junk” boxes that hold those things that you collect that really don’t fit nicely anywhere!


Haha yes! One of my most annoying qualities for my husband l, I think!
Husband: “how do you find anything in here?!?”
Me: “it’s in that drawer, on the right”

Thanks for the info, taking photos of stuff is a good idea, too.

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Because of the possibility of hurricanes, we have photos of all our stuff for insurance purposes.

It would cost a lot to replace my crafting stuff!


I’ve organized so many times that now I can’t find anything & have to rip the place apart searching for stuff. I need a map.


That is a really good idea. It is depressing to take photos of your things after the fact. :pensive:

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A video would work as well…

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I am once again facing supplies that have no organized home yet I’m not prepared to use immediately nor give away.

I am my own worst enemy. :roll_eyes:
I never got rid of the big bag of flannel that I mentioned eleventy-million years ago. I did, however, toss the offensively poorly made, never used fabric masks that I was debating.


Progress! Sometimes just throwing out a failed project feels like an accomplishment. It gives space to other crafts and takes away the guilt of the project not working out (not that there should be any in the first place though…). I can think of an unfinished cardi, sweater, and shirt that have all gone in the bin. just let it go free lol.


I have worked out that I can fit my cutting desk in the smaller room, but I won’t be able to fit the vintage (antique?) sewing machine and cabinet. :frowning:

I have also started to finish my bulky WIPs. That should be a quick space creator. Clutter is my enemy when it come to destash. I have no room to move things around and it becomes too much.


I’ve been putting together a scrappy quilt top. It has been a puzzling process. I make most the blocks from leftover scraps, triangular pieces, bits and bobs, plus BOMs. None were matching sizes and some were odd sizes. So fitting it all together has been interesting.
But I’m about 3/4 done and I’ve made a few custom blocks to fill spaces. It’s really too much eye candy for me, but it will be donated and someone will love it.
Funny how my scrap stsh isn’t that much smaller.

Now my yarn stash has been reduced by a bin and more than a half by making baskets. I figure if I need to start knitting or crocheting things again I can buy new and buy what I want rather than feel obligated to use stash.


I think that quilt will make someone very happy! I can imagine sitting with it over me on cool mornings and exploring a different block each time.


Your quilt is beautiful chaos! Someone will definitely love it.

Holy cow, that’s a lot of baskets, and they’re gorgeous! Way to go with destashing!

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