2023 DeStash-Along

These are my go-tos for variegated yarns that I bought because they were pretty but did not really want to make socks…ha ha

Sockhead Slouch Hat

Not as slouchy and quick easy knit sock yarn hat


Those scrappy hearts you made me Linda are awesome for little bits of yarn!

I think most of those were made with leftovers from hats or mitts, and not necessarily socks…I have skeins and skeins of sock/fingering yarns because I like the colors.

The Musselburgh hat! They’re kind of addicting, and I’m just over halfway through my fourth one. Depending on how slouchy you want it, with or without a rolled up brim, it takes about 70-115g of fingering weight yarn for an adult size.


Thanks for the recommendations! I’d seen some of those patterns in my search but didn’t have a way to narrow down what the good ones were. I think I may go with the Musselburgh option since (if I’m interpreting the pictures correctly) it seems to avoid ribbing.

I’ve got some travel coming up in November so I need some good on-the-go knitting options.

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That is an awesome pattern for warmth as well…and stretchy…just knit, knit, knit!!

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And no gauge-swatching!


Now that’s the best feature!

(says someone who never swatches anyway)


I had a rather chaotic batik fat 8th and now I have two of the strangest dresses I’ve ever made. Here’s hoping a sash will help calm things down.


I love them! They look very tropical and beachy!

I decided to do something scrappy the other day. I was vaguely thinking of making scrap yardage, to be cut up for future projects. I started sorting the red-orange-yellow scrap bag for inspiration, and I remembered the Craft This in Your Style prompt, so made a pumpkin hanging instead.


I love your scrappy and spontaneous style!

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What a pretty pumpkin!

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Pumpkin patch fun! It’s a wonderful abstract fabric collage!


This is a long shot, but is anyone doing a postage stamp quilt (or know someone who is)? I have trouble tossing my 1.5 inch scraps but I know in my heart of hearts I’m not going to do anything with them. Would love to send them on to a good home.

Oh, sister. I want it all but am in Canada.


I think they’ll fit in a first class envelope! I can certainly send them 1 oz at a time.

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This is about as far as I got with mine…ha ha


But so cheery!

Continuing to make slow inroads on my sock yarn stash…


I’ve been chipping away at stash slowly lol. Funny how bringing a pup in the home has definitely eaten into my crafting time, but I don’t mind it so much. My hands thank it for the break in any case.

A few items from stash completed over the last couple of months:

Gift shawl - I used up a ball and half of yarn…and then had to buy another ball to finish it, but the last remnants are being used up in a cardi I’m working on now!

Gift cowl - I wish I would have doubled up on the yarn to use more of it. I was paranoid about running out, but of course had plenty left over. The blue is being quickly used up in the previously mentioned cardi.

Said in-progress scrappy cardi, all in pieces (it’s partially sewn together now). All the yarn is from stash. It feels good :grin:

I also have just the scantest start of a dog sweater (because of course I need to make my dog a sweater!). The yarn I inherited from a friend, it’s Noro Blossom. The color is a riot and the texture is nothing I’d ever wear, but she had 9 skeins of it so I found it hard to resist.