2023 DeStash-Along

It looks like a quilt pattern! It is going to be fabulous…and those colors! I can see so many combinations with those patterns as well!

That is such a fun pattern! Your squares are so pretty.

More multiples!


ooh, fun! Love the buffalo plaid crochet effect. It looks super complicated.

Thanks…not at all complicated! I am using the free pattern that @storerboughtcreation posted! She makes it easy to make fun stuff!


I love your little corkscrew vine addition. It’s so cute!

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A few random bits made from stash:

A brown variegated doll sweater - 16g of fingering yarn won’t put much of a dent in stash but it’s something.

Two more books - so two sheets of decorative paper, some book board, and a small bit of book cloth.

Side note: I’ve had this scrapbook paper pack in stash for 15+ year and only figured out that the paper above wasn’t just a different colorway of another in the pack. It’s the same motif, but the repeat is very different.
IMG_4966 (2) size


So pretty!! I love the vintage look of the books.

I joined the ornament swap, and have made six ornies without buying a thing. Stash does not appear to be any smaller, however.

But my wire mesh storage unit partially collapsed the other day (rebuilt it with ziptie reinforcements), which forced me to do some sorting and destashing. Mostly sorting, since my usual way of “cleaning” my studio is to randomly dump stuff in boxes, so I’m tripping over boxes and cannot find the supplies I know I have…somewhere…

Now I’m tripping over a box destined for goodwill. There is a music box in there, and it plays a few notes every time I bump it.


So you have created a haunted donation box?


Funny how that works! I have the same problem.


My two latest projects are mostly stash! WOO!

Earrings are all stash:

Mavis’s latest antlers are mostly stash: ribbons, cork, skewers. Faux ornamental corn are new, but did not enter stash, which is it’s own kind of win!


I am never going to sew these undies. They’ve been hanging around for almost 20 years, lol.

Out they go…


Congratulations on the space for something else in the stash and one less thing on your to-do list!

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Color: Black
Pattern: Intersecting Lines (plaid, webs, etc.)
For: Kids or the Young at Heart
Challenge: Is there a supply you are scared to use? Or maybe an intimidating pattern that you’ve bought the material for, you just haven’t screwed up the courage to start? You can do it! We are here to cheer you on.
Bonus Challenge: Three Quarters of the way through! How do you feel about your progress? What do you feel is your greatest strength so far and what do you want to focus on for the final stretch?


Finally got my stats for September wrangled. 2 full sheets of stickers, 3 half sheets, a pack of sticker flakes, a Lamy ink cartridge, and 1 and 1/3 yards of quilting fabric, using up 10 prints entirely. It barely makes a dent in stash, but I’m still kind of proud of using that much fabric when my usual sewing projects are so tiny.

In answer to the bonus challenge/question this month, I don’t feel like I’ve made much in the way of noticeable inroads in my stash this year other than the stuff I’ve taken to the craft supply re-use store. I’m going to concentrate on my scrap bins for the final quarter to try to reduce the amount of real estate they’re taking up.


Oh! I made, like 20?, Halloween cards and nearly all the paper was stash. The stamps, inks, card blanks, envelopes were all stash! I did buy some dies and embossing folders, though. WOO!


I feel good about how I haven’t been pouring more supplies into the space- the craft embargo holds! I have been slowly whittling away on WiPs and shopping the stash for any ideas that come up.


I’ve been doing pretty well on my embargo as well (barring the whole “start learning a completely new hobby” bookbinding thing) but I am desperate to pick up some new Halloween fabric. Joann’s hasn’t had small scale prints in several years and of course this year when I’m trying not to buy anything and am almost out of my existing spooky stash they have numerous prints that would be perfect.


Trying to come up with ideas to use up variegated fingering weight yarn that isn’t socks or doll sweaters. Does anyone have a favorite hat pattern in that gauge? I’m a little overwhelmed by the options I’m finding on Ravelry.