2023 Mini Calendars

I got to see my bestie after at least 3 years and we got some cute pics that I really wanted to use in this slide die so I decided to make a calendar for her for Christmas.

Once I decided on this I got to thinking about a few other pics that would be good for calendars!

One for TheMisterT’s mom with a pic taken of the two of them making lasagna noodles.

And one for another dear one. I knew she wouldn’t have a place to hang it, so I made an old candle lid into a stand for it.


These are made with mostly stash materials and tools I had on hand. It did take 3 trips to the printer at Staples to get the pics at all decent; luckily I started early and am near Staples twice a week!


Great looking calendars!
I love a useful AND pretty/cute gift idea. You checked all the good boxes with these bad boys. Nice!

Great use of the slide die! And the calendars are really cute!

Thanks, pals!

Very clever gifts! You always come up with the best ideas! I especially love the stand.

How did you make them look like tiny Polaroids?

They’re supposed to be slides and I used that die from the set on the far right. It’s the one pictured in the top right in brown.



Girl! You know I love this! I cried when I opened it up. It is up on my wall right at my desk where I can see it every day and smile!

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So cute and fun! Glad to see you two got to hang out!

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Thanks, friends!

This makes me so happy!

Great use of great memories!! An excellent gift idea.

Aww, thanks! I just realized a couple of days ago that I didn’t have any calendar-making plans for this year. Kind of sad, but not so sad that I want to add anything to my list!

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