2nd Friday Night- a family ATC

My DIL is a fantastic artist and crafter, and we set up a vendor booth together at “2nd Friday Night” in downtown Mesa AZ several years ago. This is an event that happens the second Friday of every month (except August because it’s like living on the surface of the sun here at that time of the year). There’s great food, live music and artisans lining Main Street. It’s a fun, festive atmosphere and many of the shops and restaurants stay open late, which can really add to the fun as well.

We had SUCH a good time! We didn’t sell a whole lot, but hanging out together with her and laughing the night away is a very fond memory for me.

I’m not confident enough in my artistic skills to competently draw vendors etc so I opted for the 2nd Friday Night logo. :blush:


I am sure she will treasure this ATC as much as the memories of that time you two had together!

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Thank you!

This reminded me of our trips to Phoenix and the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet. We once brought a large carpet back to Alberta in a suitcase, still amazes me we fit it in.

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What a great memory! Nice way to commemorate it.

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That swap meet is HUGE. Bought a cute cowboy hat last time I was there. :grin:

Thanks, guys!

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That all sounds super fun! Lovely ATC, too!

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Thanks! :heart: