2nd Sweater, busting stash!

I am on a sweater/stashbusting kick. The gorgeous mustardy yellow yarn has been in my stash for a while, given to me by a beautiful friend. I knew it wouldn’t be enough for a whole project so I decided to lean on color blocking to make up the difference.

I used the “Whatever” sweater pattern again, and then was able to use black yarn from stash, and bought a skein of white to round it out. The fair isle pattern was modified from the “Fair Isle Slouchy Hat”

It is so incredibly warm - the yellow is wool, so I hope it doesn’t end up too warm :sweat_smile:


It came out so lovely! And heck yeah for more stash busting. I never mind having having to buy a single skein, in order to use up a bunch that have been hanging around. It feels like I did a whole huge project for like $8.


The result is absolutely stunning! :open_mouth: I especially like the effect of the colour blocking - the yellow is a nice warm colour next to your face, where the black and white would probably have been too harsh, but this way you can still wear that extremely cool fair isle pattern.


Nice job with the fair isle!

That pattern is very versatile! You would never know your two sweaters were made with the same pattern…each so unique!

Great way to show off that luscious wool yarn as well!

Wow, fabulous sweater! I love the color blocking solution you found. Looks great on you!

That’s a rocking awesome sweater! I would wear that in a heartbeat! Gorgeous! Plus it looks great on you!

OMG! This sweater is so cool! The colors are great together and the color blocking with fair isle really suits the shape.

Another think I love is I feel like Chief Miles O’Brien would wear this when going home to Ireland on leave.




Thanks everyone! I’m very much looking forward to cooler weather so I can wear it!


I love this! Black and white with mustard yellow is such a striking combo. Gorgeous!

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On my phone the color in the thumbnail made me think you were cosplaying Star Trek.

It looks good. The contrast is really cool

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I like the color blocking. It’s a really pretty sweater.

Beautiful! And so very creative of you!

It’s amazing!! You are on a roll indeed!

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That mustard yellow is amazing and I love the way you blocked it. Adding the tiny touches in with the black and white really brings it all together. AMAZING!


Holy cow that is stunning!

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Woo hoo! :maple_leaf: Your wondrous craft is on of this week’s Featured Projects! :maple_leaf:


Thank you all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What a stunner. That mustard with the black & white, wow!

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This is just so cool. I love it.

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