3 doggy tees to keep my doggy daughter warm!

Hi you crafty bunch!

Weeeee I’m finally in my new house :smiley: :champagne: I don’t have my sewing machines up and running just yet (lots of decorating to do first!) but I have set up my computer etc, so I thought I’d post piccies of the doggy tops that I made for my gal Rosie shortly before we moved house! :dog:

She did specifically request a pink t-shirt so she could be cute and girly (since her first jumper was a red and black spiderweb design, and her first tee was a brown and white one to match my ‘leisure suit’), so I obliged with this cute BRIGHT pink and black check!

Definitely a classy gal dontcha think?

That one was a slightly snugger fit than her last tee, so I made her a more slouchy jumper version with this thicker pink fabric next.

And finally, I know she wanted to be a little more girly and less intimidating, but I love skulls and Halloween, so I had to make her a cute foil skull design too one didn’t I?!

See how excited she was about the move to the new house! (or it might be the treat I’m holding to say thank you for posing for me… who nose :nose:…)

:boom: I used this free dog t-shirt pattern from ‘Mimi and Tara’, with some slight alterations to fit Rosie better, and to accommodate the different fabric stretches.

:boom: Fabric 1 was from poundametre, and annoyingly the other 2 fabrics don’t appear to be in my fabric spreadsheet so I have no idea where they came from!! I suspect that fabric 2 was from poundfabrics and fabric 3 from Minerva but I’m not certain.

And that’s it for now until my craft room is painted and the boxes unpacked! Next up I’m planning to make a long skirt with built in shorts, nice and floaty for summer, hoooopefully anyways! :crazy_face:

See ya next time :sunglasses:
Loops xx


These are adorably perfect for her!!! Nicely done!!!

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What a great fit! These are awesome.

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Oh my goodness! What a wonderful model. Those shirts are great-the skulls are awesome!

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What a sweet wardrobe for such a beautiful girl! :dog2: :heartpulse:

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Awwww she’s adorable! And the shirts look so great on her!

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Oh Rosie…such a sweetie! She looks fab in her doggy tees :slight_smile:

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What cute shirts for Rosie! I can’t pick a favorite, but I do think that the bright pinks really flatter her. More importantly… HER EARS! [swoooooooooon]

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Rosie is absolutely beautiful and you go the fit on the tees perfect. I love the pink color on her. The skulls are cool too, but the first one is my favorite. She looks like a sweetie!


You did a great job on all of these. Your dog is adorable. She sure is a lucky girl.

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So pretty in pink!

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@kittykill I think I actually bought the skull fabric to make a bra with but I couldn’t resist :wink:

@TheMistressT Absolutely, everyone mentions how cute her ears are, they’re so perky and speckledy!! They’re colour changing too, when she gets warm the inside goes bright pink like her t-shirt :grin:

@gozer @Bunny1kenobi @loves2experiment Awww thank you, she is such a sweetheart, especially when there are treats involved! :heart_eyes: :dog:

@MistressJennie She needs a literal wardrobe to put all her t-shirts and collars in now too, lol. She’s claimed the conservatory in our new house as her own as she likes to sunbathe so much, so I think we need some little doggy level hooks in there so she can pick one out to bring to us to wear when she gets cold :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aw, she is the bestest model!
And you made her some amazing new cloths!
So you must be the bestest dog mommy.

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What a sweet girl! Congrats on the move and new home! Rosie is quite the fasionista!

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oh my! what a lovely gal she is!

i once was looking to rescue a dog a lot like her. same short white fur even. she would blush when she was excited and it made her glow pink! does Rosie do that?

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@curiousfae Awww yes Rosie does kinda do that, when she’s excited or hot her light pink spotty inside ears go bright pink! Weirdly when we adopted her back nearly 7 years ago now there was another dog at the shelter that looked just like her (only without her gingery fur speckles) called Storm.

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