3 sets of Batik Coasters

3 sets of pretty batik coasters made with quilt-as-you-go technique on thick felt rather than batting. They are really sturdy and flat.
This set is 3 in reverse of the other three and has a totally different batik on the back. I like both sides.

These are reversible with the opposite colours on the other side.

ETA one more set, I love this combination!


I love batik fabrics. These are beautiful!

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These are beautiful and I am the happy owner of the first set

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So lovely, it would almost be a shame to set a sweaty beverage on one!

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Thatโ€™s the beauty of batik, marks & stains are hardly likely to even show!

Iโ€™m planning a set for us, I have so much yummy batik and it will be nice to see pretty bits of it around the house.

Yummy is a good word for batik! These coasters are awesome! Never considered QAYG on felt. Smart.

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Itโ€™s so great! Itโ€™s extra thick & pretty stiff so it makes a really flat coaster thatโ€™s a stable base for drinks.

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