32nd Birthday Card

32 vellum paper circles cut with Silhouette Cameo.

Inspired by a work called “The empty house IV” by Eugene Carchesio.

The hardest part was figuring out how to keep the circles aligned horizontally and vertically.
I ended up making a printed base of the glue lines and the overlaps.

Starting to glue the circles on.

One direction glued.

All glued!


That’s a lot of work for one card.

Oh heck, this was nothing. My record is something like a week.


Breathtaking! It’s like a sculpture, isn’t it? Really stunning.

So striking and a bit mesmerizing. Very sculptural.

It’s gorgeous

This is just SO COOL! I love that there are 32 circles.

Four years ago I did a pyramid one with 28 steps.


I love it!
Such a beautiful design!

I love the pyramid one too, but the circles one even better.

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So clever!

Wow, so gorgeous and elegant!!

This is so pretty. Very elegant and classy looking.

Absolutely beautiful!