3D Cactus Box Card

My uncle has a birthday coming up and I have had the files for this fun cactus box card (from svgcuts.com) in my “stash” since last year.

It has an unusual approach to achieving it’s third dimension that was fun to make.

Holy moly the little stones were teensy weensy and for some reason I committed to inking them in various colors… like a chump. I had some messy fingers when that was done! The little flowers were quite a bit easier probably mostly due to using a marker instead of ink pads.


And as always, here is the shot of the card collapsed to fit into it’s envelope… like magic!


Very cute! You know I have a soft spot for cacti!!!

The stones look really good…worth the messy fingers!

Love how you detailed the flowers, too.

What a fun little card! It is pretty magical how they collapse down. Do they require extra postage?

This is sooo awesome! I love all of your box cards!

Agreed, the extra effort was worth some messy fingers. :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone!

@AIMR @sheepBlue I’m not sure that my uncle will even be able to see the details on the stones due to his poor eyes, but… I agree it was worth it! It’s not like I’m not in the habit of regular hand-washing these days, right?

Yes, they usually do, because they are think and lumpy. One like this will probably only require the hand-cancel upgrade (70 cents, I think), but some of them end up using quite a large envelope and take more. I went ahead and bought a variety of stamps so I can put lots of pretty little pieces of self-adhesive art on them rather than just the label the printer at the USPS counter makes, though. :yum:

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So stinking cute!

Love it!

This cactus loving gal loves this so much! One of my favorites of your cards!

I like the way you outlined the cactus in the brown. Makes it pop even more. Super cute!

Thanks everyone!

Thanks! That happened because I really wanted the pot to be brown with the terra cotta panels and they’re all one piece. :upside_down_face:

The messy stones were totally worth it! This is super cool.

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