3D Flower Shadowbox

I did a color in a box swap with a few friends and my partner wanted yellow and bright citrus colors. She loves sunflowers so I made her this.


Beautiful! Those are my favorite colors, too, so I admire it all the more.


I keep meaning to make one of these!

DId you hand cut or machine cut? What did you use for a pattern/cut file–or is it your own?

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So pretty! Love the contrast of light and dark.

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This is sunshine is a shadow box right here is what this is!

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Lovely intricate details!

@ceep It is machine cut. I used a cricut. It was one of their freebies.

Beautiful! The cut outs really show those lovely colors well! You also got so much depth…like looking at a kaleidoscope!

Wow! This is really stunning! I bet she loves this!