3D Octopus

Both my sweetie and I love the octopus so I decided to make this for him for Valentines Day.


Ooh, that is lovely!

Love the 3d effect

This is fantastic!!! Lots of cool layers for great depth.


Thanks gang!

Very cool! I love the way it fits into the frame. Great color choices as well. It adds to the 3-D effect.

I LURVE her! The color combinations and contrasts are sooo great! This might be my fave of your layered paper pieces so far.

WOW! I love how this came out! The 3d effect really elevates the project. I especially like the circular frame around the octopus and agree with gozer about loving how it fits into the frame!

Love the design and the contrasting colors. Very cool!

Oh, that is so cool! @Edel, did you see this?

I did not! This is very cool @kittykill did you use a cricut or cut it by hand

@Edel I used a cricut. It was one of their templates. I think it might be a free one.

I love this! Did you use a laser cutter to cut out each layer, or did you do that all by hand?

Sorry for the delay. I used a Cricut cutter.

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No worries, I think I came to that conclusion looking at some of your other projects. I really need to get one!