3D Printed Dodecahedron Party Speaker

I recently jumped into the 3D printer world. First off, WOW - if you haven’t considered 3D printing let me tell you that this is fast to learn and there are really no limits (outside of your imagination and the print bed size). The only downfall I can find is the length of time to print items and getting the settings just right. I’m patient and like to tinker, so this is all okay for me.

I’m a huge audiophile and wanted to try out a more omnidirectional speaker. This Dodecahedron required approximately 10 hours per side to print (12 sides) and 4 hours of assembly. Speaker selection ultimately was a 4" full-range speaker that has high efficiency. I am using a Creality Ender 3 with a glass surface (the initial photos are using the stock surface while I awaited the new top which was a major improvement), PETG filament, and the stock extruder.

After an extremely slow first few layers (20mm) I had the system set to increase to 50mm. This offered minimal stringing while reducing print time.

This is one of 3 special prints that have an opening at the top to allow the wires to come through. Keeping this air-tight was not a goal, however, long-term a grommet may prove beneficial as to not allow any liquid to get inside of the enclosure.

Assembly, while time consuming, was not complicated. It reminded me of building furniture. You don’t tighten any of the bolts until all of them are connected. (Oh yeah, I really like indoor gardening too)

These speakers were great from the cost perspective as well as specs (full range, relatively efficient) However the mount plates are square, which required me to tape all of the exposed areas to give slightly more of a seal but mainly for aesthetics.

I plan to add mounting harnesses soon, so that this can be hovering in the air, as designed. For now - I plugged it into our main setup and it sounds pretty great!


This looks pretty cool. I’m toying with 3D printing, but not sure I’d use a printer enough could you give me a ball park of equipment set up costs for a reasonably functional, but not high end printer and bits and bobs needed.

Entry costs for this are rather minimal. This setup, once we added the glass top was only $4,799. You can get one with auto-leveling, but it adds a few thousand more.

I’m just kidding, :slight_smile: The Creality 3 is currently on sale for $167 and the filament is approximately $20/Kg.


I’ve been telling all of my friends the same thing, think of a 3D printer not as a new hobby but an extremely versatile tool for all of your other hobbies.

I needed a new cover for our aquagarden and they wanted $18/each for the parts. Plus shipping. I printed both for roughly $4 total.

Hey, I recognize that!

Form and function! This is absolutely stunning. Way to put the 3D printer to good use.

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nice work!! the PLA printers are great for big stuff that you don’t need tiny details in. My hubs is over here with his head exploding about the layer size. He has a Form Labs that he, pretty much, only uses on its teeniest, tiniest setting.

This is fantastic! I love the industrial kind of look it has.

My hubby wants one of these machines. Gotta figure out where on earth it could fit in our tiny house…