3D Printed Dogs

My daughter made our dog for us for Christmas.

She also made a model of her sister’s dog.

Daughter #1 drew the 3D models (I think she used Nomad Sculpt). She’s an illustrator, but 3D modeing is a new skill she’s been learning these past couple months.

(My dog loves to carry silverware around in her mouth, especially a peanut butter knife.)

She sent the files to daughter #2’s fiancé who 3D printed both dogs in secret, while she was at work. He brought them when they all came to our house, still secretly, and handed them off to daughter #1, who disappeared into her former bedroom saying, “I have stuff to work on. Don’t come in.” That would be the sanding and painting part.


What a cool gift! And owning a dog that likes to carry silverware is pretty unique.


And you have a special knife for peanut butter? Cool!

@steiconi. Ha ha, no, it’s the NIGHTLY peanut butter knife because she gets a little snack at bedtime that includes peanut butter. She also carries around the fork from her breakfast, but I can imagine that a fork would be a lot harder to sculpt.

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That is seriously the cutest, coolest gift imaginable! Please tell your kids how wicked awesome we think they are.

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My goodness these are delightful! She did an excellent job of capturing the pups’ shapes and coloring. And I love a little family secret plotting gift story!

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How precious. :heart::heart:

This is just too cute!

That’s so awesome! What a great present.

So cute! Love the story behind them too!

This is really cool!

Super cool!

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Fantastically brilliant!! I love everything about this.

Such cute models!