3D printer

200°, 2mm on that print

Maybe you’ve got an opinion on this…
I printed this the other day, and it looks like the print shifted 1/4" to one side AND skipped about 1/4" vertically.

When I open the file in Cura, it looks fine. The printer wasn’t disturbed while printing.
Any ideas?

He was printed in several pieces side by side; you can see the shift at his left hip, and most of his head is missing (I sculpted the replacement in picture).

try a raft, just type raft in the setting screen. It will give you more adhesion to the plate.

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You think it shifted? It was quite well adhered.

it does look like the leg was built and something happened. Maybe it stuck?

You can go into cura and watch the build happen too. That sometimes help to see what is going on.

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Good idea, I’ll check it out


I started with a photo of an antique Chinese Chippendale chair, and turned it into 3D printed doll furniture!

I plan to add an upholstered seat, so didn’t include one in the print.

Here’s a 5.5" doll to show the size. 4.25"/111mm tall.

It took me two weeks of struggling to figure out the design software, then watched a couple of tutorials and redesigned the whole chair in a few hours. Oh, that’s how it works!
Thanks, YouTube!

I expect to be embarrassed by the crudeness of the design when I get better at this, but it’s beautiful now!


Awesome!!! Go you!

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Similar problems showed up in everything I printed. There’s something wrong with my Z axis screw that messes up between 2mm and 6mm on every print. I can’t see anything wrong with the screw, but when I rotated it 180° (turned it upside down), the problem cleared up.

It’s so well done !

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Sometimes, I totally forget about my 3D printers. We’re building hydroponic towers for the school and getting the parts I needed was proving difficult. Suddenly it hit me “just print everything you need!”. So I’m printing all of the cups right now.

I’ll create a thread later to show the progress.


My husband lost a propeller for a toy drone, and jokingly asked if I could print a new one. I believe I saw propellers in Tinkercad; I might have to replace all 4 so it balances.