4 Designs: Four Feelings Handmade Tags Sets

My Four Feelings Handmade Tags Sets include Thank You, Congrats, Feel Better Soon & Happy Birthday.

The Autumn Plaid design tags are made with decorative papers, paper-punched elements, paper edgers, rhinestones, and ransom-note journaling in the free Bistro Sketch font (printed and cut out). I paint-distressed some of the edges and did some outlining with a gold and a black paint pens. I vertically punched the holes with my Fiskars 1/4" Rectangle Hole Punch and added craft jute ties.

I like my thumb-sized, mini triangle and flag banner punches. They punch 1 shape each and I have to punch several to make my strung banners. Squares of cardstock are easily cut with scissors or a paper cutter but I do have a square punch.

When I was selling handmades online, I bought as many punches and paper shapers as I could so that I could more quickly produce products. Now that I don’t sell them anymore, it’s still a delight to have these tools. They make creating easier and more fun.

For this Stamped Metallic Gold Tags design I let the stamps shine, choosing not to embellish the tags as much. I started with squares of cream cardstock on which I rounded the top edges with my We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board but you can easily round them with scissors.

I horizontally punched the tie holes with the 1/4" rectangle hole punch. You can tell that I love this punch because I use it often. It fits well into the tiny spaces where I like to work. I layered on gold and silver hand-painted paper.

I then selected some small polymer and rubber stamps and used my black Memento stamp pad to carefully stamp the images. Tsukineko Memento Ink is a fade-resistant, dye ink that stamps well over metallics, vellum, glass and other slick surfaces. It won’t smear and it’s durable. Dye inks dry faster than pigment inks (which are used for embossing and other techniques where the ink needs to dry more slowly).

I added sentiment panels made with the Jenna Sue free font. The ties are a pretty, black, gold and white, metallic ribbon/yarn called trellis or ladder.

I started the Brown & Gold Banners Tags with brown cardstock where I rounded the bottom edges and then tried to be clever by horizontally-punching a triangle of three holes to thread the ties through. I then punched out several flag banners and arranged them across the bottoms. I used the free Derrick Script font to create the sentiments.

I punched some sparkle shapes, like I used on the Autumn Plaid Tags, but used cream paper and cut them in half. I adhered them like downward-raining confetti or lights. I embellished each tag with a gold and a silver, metallic paint pen and added brown and white baker’s twine ties.

Brown is a pretty color that I don’t see much in crafting. I try to use it more often. It’s a good hue, especially when paired with complimentary blues, for male-themed designs.

What I like most about my Painted Paper Gallery Four Feelings Tags is the two-dimensional, tactile design. I achieved this by not gluing the elements down completely. I left space, in places, between them and the background and I didn’t use dimensional dots.

The backgrounds of each tag are also a little different, since the piece of melon and mango, hand-painted cardstock that I began with was an odd shape. When I cut 3 squares they were not the same size. I was so disappointed that there was not enough for a 4th square. I cut into strips what was left and cut a square of pink cardstock for the Happy Birthday tag.

I rounded the top corners and decided on a woven design of the hand-painted paper strips. I rewarded the Happy Birthday tag with the most strips in a full, woven design because it did not have a hand-painted background.

I used the melon and mango strips and some of my gold and silver hand-painted scraps. I decided on magenta for the accents and punched out dragonflies, stars and swirls. I hand-cut the candle flames. The free font for the sentiments is Allura.

I adhered the magenta accents mostly on top of the paper strips to enhance the 2D look. I used a partially-dried up silver metallic paint pen to scrub out accents here and there. Lastly, I added champagne-colored, embroidery floss ties.

These tag sets make great handmade gifts for anyone. The recipient can add them to gift boxes, gift bags, flowers or houseplants, handmade cards and in other crafts. To gift as a tag set, design a coordinating pocket to store them in. Wrap them up in coordinating hand-painted papers. Embellish the tags packages with ribbons or handmade belly band closures.

Thanks for looking.
This is 8th of my 18-post Chameleon Badge pursuit! :hot_face:


Very pretty! I especially like the last set. Good luck with your quest!


I like the variety of techniques you used on each of these sets. I didn’t even notice that the birthday tag in the painted paper set had a different background than the other ones. The woven strips of painted paper made that tag fit right in with the others.
Out of all the tags, my favorites are the fall collection. I like the plaid and how the flags are not restricted to the background.
How fun to create such a variety of sets while maintaining the four same feelings throughout!


There’s a lot going on with the Painted Paper Gallery tags so it was easy to blend the Happy Birthday design in, after I got over my disappointment at not having enough painted paper for its background. With them having to be slightly different sizes anyway (because the painted scrap they were cut from was tapered), I decided that with the birthday design it could be an eclectic but coordinated set.

Yes, it is fun and easy to create sets of tags in the same theme like this. Thanks so much for your comments!


These are all so great! They look so polished and amazing. I know your packaging pushed them over the top too.
The Autumn is very fall-inspired and sets a fun mood.
I love both gold and silver, but have never combined them together. It looks great. I need to try it. The stamped metallic gold tags are so bright and cheery but have a subdued quality that allows them to work for a Get Better Soon as well. The ribbon choice was perfect.
I love how you made the bunting at the bottom of the brown & gold ones into candles for the Happy Birthday one. So clever. It keeps them working as a set but really pushed the theme of b-day for that one.
The Painted paper set is so happy and fresh feeling. The magenta was just the right bright/deep saturated color to really make the rest of it pop.
Amazing pictures too! Truly gorgeous work!

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These are really pretty! A lot of work and thought went into them, and it shows.


These are great! I especially love the little flag banners on the brown ones. Super cute.


THANK you! Years ago when I gazed at the work of others that was polished, amazing and gorgeous, I wondered if I’d ever reach that level. I was so impressed and envious. I’ve improved a lot over the years.

Silver is my fav but they do play nicely off each other. I rarely use gold alone.

That’s why I chose the little Queen Anne’s lace stamp (not sure that’s the flower but it doesn’t look quite like a dandelion) for the Get Well Tag. It seems quiet and peaceful.

Love the trellis/ladder ribbon. I have a blue, black and white version. The specialty ribbons and yarns are so exciting!

And you’re clever for recognizing that! Thank you for all of your comments!

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