40th Birthday Shirt

I made this shirt with heat transfer vinyl for my BFF’s 40th birthday. I’m so happy with how it came out!!

**I wasn’t sure to post it here or under vinyl crafts but since it’s technically clothing I put it here!


This is sooooooo cool. What a great gift.

Love it! I’m not very familiar with heat transfer vinyl… is it similar to doing ink-jet heat transfers?

Love this. It reminds me that it’s hubby’s 40th in November and I’d best be getting onto his gift. This has certainly given me some inspiration!

I love this. I can still feel the rattle of a remix tape in my hand.


That looks great!

This is sooooo cool! You are the HTV queen with all those colors!

Love it! I’m still afraid of patterns using multiple colors…this came out awesome!

Usually people use HTV with a digital cutting machine to get these super precise pieces. Often a heat press is used to attach them to a surface which can be cloth or even things like metal or ceramic mugs! But you can use a standard iron, too.


Ha! What a great gift!

Love it! I’m a 1980 baby too. I should totally make something similar for myself this year. Thanks for the inspiration! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would get an 8 track tape. 1970’s baby here. I’ll be 50 this year.


This is amazing! I love how you layered the colors so well. It looks professionally printed. So cool!

Yeah, I have something more like a juke box for a mix tape! I need more’n 8 tracks!

Thanks all! My honey is turning 40 in June and I’ve got a pattern picked out for him too!

I’m always scared about layering vinyl but this one was really easy. I eyeballed it and hope for best!

For anyone interested this is a fantastic tutorial for layering vinyl

VERY cool!

Did anyone else hit play/record the second your favorite song came on the radio? And then curse the DJ for talking over the intro? :smile:


It looks great. I find it so funny that common items from my youth are now considered “retro”. I don’t feel that old! And I’m an early 70’s baby even.
I still have some old mixed tapes somewhere, just nothing to play them on. Sad but true.

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All the clothes I wore in high school in the 90’s came back in style recently and that made me feel old! To me the 90’s were only 10 years ago!!


That’s an amazing gift!

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