4x6 Art Swap Round 2 - Gallery

Oh, that piece from Reinikka is just darling! I love the positive message. :slight_smile:

I received my piece from @Smmarrt ! I love it so much and green is my favorite color so it makes it even better.

The lighter looking spots on the leaves in the photo are actually a fun metallic/holographic type of paint. Sooo pretty!
Thanks so much for the amazing artwork!!!


That is such a neat peice!

That is so cool @Smmarrt!! I love the dimension from the sewing and buttons, and the beautiful greens!

Thanks all - it is alcohol ink on deli paper. The sparkly bits are an ink called “Rainbow” from Marabu.
The deli paper was decoupaged onto fabric to make fabric paper.


Love all the different media in this one!

Love that bright, colorful dragonfly, @Reinikka.

I received from the super talented @Kwality570. Her monsters are amazing. His name Lionel


He’s wonderful @Kwality570!! I love the expression on his face and the fab background!

I love this great variety so far!

@Smmarrt I love that piece! The message is perect :slight_smile:

@Kwality570 I adore your monsters :orange_heart: Lionel looks so friendly!


@Lynx2Lancer your artwork arrived today! I’m hoping for no rain and decent light for photos tomorrow, but I wanted you to know it’s here!


Can I be mad that something mailed WEEKS after magnets got to you first?? What’s going on with your postal service? :crazy_face:


Yeah, it’s so weird! I tried to check the tracking for the magnets and it doesn’t look like the fun time when the swedish postal system held a package hostage at least… But who knows? Maybe it took a slow boat here.

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After a leisurely two week journey, my piece arrived! From @geekgirl.

Based on a video by Gerda Van Dijk. The gang on the Paper and Mixed Media Craft-along have been Zooming and creating together, following different YouTube artists and their page techniques. I need to try this!

I knew who my partner was when I saw the envelope!

Thanks so much!


What a gorgeous piece of art from @geekgirl! I love the colors and the patterns are so interesting to look at.

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Sorry about the dark picture! Fair weather days aren’t happening and I don’t want to wait any longer before showing off what @Lynx2Lancer sent me. It’s a zentangled hummingburd picture she made. It’s printed and then colored in. Such a fun idea! It was a nice touch to finish the edges with washi tape. The art I sent wasn’t as nicely finished…

It’s currently living in my craft room, brightening up my IKEA pegboard :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!


You’re welcome! Here’s a picture I took:

I struggle with lighting at my house, too, so I understand.


I got this amazing collage from @PrincessP. I love the coloring and it’s done so neatly. Absolutely phenomenal! I have a piece of mushroom artwork in my kitchen that this is going to be put up next to. I just need to rearrange a little first.
We also agreed to do a person al swap for one of her LC patches so she sent that along. It’s been a crazy month so far with two of my cats requiring vet assistance, but I will get my half of the swap to you soon! Sorry it’s taking so long and thank you for such an amazing art piece!


Lovely pieces everyone!!

@geekgirl your artwork is fabulous,I love the colour choices and all the intricate textures!

@Lynx2Lancer your hummingbird is beautiful! Wonderfully colourful and energetic!

@PrincessP that fungi collage is gorgeous! The depth you achieve in the colours and layers is great!

I got my lovely artwork from @Annchen today! :smile: It’s in oil pastel and so vibrant and happy! She also sent a cool little art postcard.

It goes really well with the blue wall and other bright swap treasures from lettuce friends in my studio.

Thank you so much!


I’ve been lax in responding.

@Reinikka - I love all the colors!
@Smmarrt - I love the monochromatic look and I adore those leaves with the buttons.
@kwality570 - Lionel is super cute.
@lynx2Lancer - nice hummingbird!
@PrincessP - such a fun collage. i recognize those mushrooms. (I have a book of collage elements too)
@Annchen - love your oil pastels. I have some and never use them. looks great.