4x6 Art Swap Round 2 - Gallery

A place to post all of your gorgeous artwork!


I received a fun 4x6 from @megwell today! It is perfect for my fairly newly started art journal. Thanks so much!


Beautiful! And wise advice :smile:

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Wow, that was fast. So glad you like it!

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Beautiful! And dang, that was FAST delivery!

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I received from @lifeinpigtails :smile:

“A desert is a place without expectation” Check out all the textures! I wish you guys could feel it too :grin: Thank you @lifeinpigtails! I love it!

and the envelope was decorated too :partying_face:



What a cool cactus!

Two pieces of art already?!? That’s why I love this swap. So fast and fun.

The texture on both of these cards is super neat! I can’t wait to see what arrives in next.

@megwell’s piece is so vibrantly coloured and I love the texture! lovely writing too!

@lifeinpigtails has amazing texture too! the 3D effect with the cactus and background looks fab!

I love seeing so many different pieces of artwork :heart: can’t wait for the rest of the gallery!

Yay, I’m glad that you like it! :smiley: The words were giving me constant problems, that was the third try and I just had to tell myself that it’ll be enjoyed and not all is perfect.

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I received from @whatthepuck in her first LC swap. I love it Michelle! I’ve played with fluid acrylics before and love that the end product sometimes barely resembles the wet “end”. Having such bright colors makes me want to try again!


I received from @gozer!
This awesome kitty. Great work gozer!

And she included 2 really cool postcards



@megwell - love the colors in your art!

@lifeinpigtails - so much texture! awesome!

@whatthepuck - I love acrylic pours. that looks great.


Two more beautiful pieces!!! I love all the styles we’re getting to see so far :smile: Can’t wait for more! :grin:

I love these pieces!

@whatthepuck that fluid abstract is fab - such beautiful colours and shapes!

@gozer wow these are gorgeous! so expressive and lovely tones!

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That pour art is amazing and so colorful! That piece from Gozer is adorable and so well done!!!

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Thanks, all! This was my first 4 x 6, and it was interesting to have more room to play with than my normal ATCs.

@lifeinpigtails, I’ve never heard that desert sentiment before, but I love it, and the texture throughout your piece.

@gozer, the expression on that kitty is so precious. I love the motion of the rain as well.

@whatthepuck, I second third reiterate what everyone else has said about your pour. The colors are so striking together.

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I received this beauty from @Reinikka yesterday.

And a bonus ATC!

Thanks, Reinikka!


Oh wow! I really like that!

Oh that’s so beautiful and uplifting @Reinikka!!