5 Senses Craft Along

After listening to the latest Gretchen Rubin’s podcast I am inspired to do this craftalong or maybe even a swap. It would be centered around the 5 senses: Touch, smell, taste, sound and sight. You could craft something for each sense. So, one month would be crafts all about touch. It would be up to your interpretation as to what that means. Here are some ideas I came up with.

Touch: An afghan, scarf (anything with yarn)
Wall hanging with different textures
A touch book for kids
worry stone necklace or bracelet

Smell: candles
flower arrangement
herb garden
bath salts/bombs

Taste: candies, chocolates
Anything food related

Sound: a homemade instrument
wind chimes

Sight: ATC or any artwork


Cool idea for a swap :slight_smile:


Yes, I like this idea, too!

Oh I like this idea!

Oooo! Neat idea! After hearing that episode I started a Sensorium pinboard.

Oh! I should do that too!

It’s the perfect use of the subcategories! Mine is secret, because I like the idea of trying to giving Sensorium gifts.