50 Cards for Kindness

I follow Scrapbook.com on Instagram and they posted about this event that they are doing. You make cards that are on their themes list and then they send them off to people who need them. I decided that this was a good way for me to get using my supplies. It is also my first time making cards like this so I hope whoever gets them likes them. I did fifty in all!

I did not take pictures of all of them, but here are some:
The full stack


Most of them I did like this. I colored some mandalas I made with stencils, then cut them in half and put them on the card.

A bunch are just fun and colorful.

I will probably do more as soon as I can get another box of envelopes.

If anyone else is interested, here is the link for more info! If you make cards for this, I’d love to see them. Maybe we can start a card craftalong?


Your cards are beautiful and so is the cause you made them for!
I love you.

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Bookmarking to check out later when my internet speed gets back to normal. My kids and I have been sending 1 notecard each to 6 local nursing homes (2 cards per envelope) for the last two weeks. I make them address and stamp them so they learn how.


The mandalas are gorgeous!

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I love those mandala cards too! And I love this idea of notecards for charitable causes! I personally know the family who started scrapbook.com but I had NO IDEA they were doing this!!! :thinking: (Although knowing them, I’m not surprised- -super good people.)

I will participate as well after I’ve finished up some other projects I’m working on!

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What an awesome cause, and what beautiful cards you’ve made! Bookmarking this…

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These are so wonderful and such an amazing gesture.

I spent the whole evening and night making Cards for Kindness! Thanks for sharing the info, @LuckyXIIICreations!

Here are most of the cards:

@jemimah will see that I made one with the bird and flower stamps she carved for me for a swap!


Those are beautiful! Whoever receives one will be very happy.

All these cards are beautiful @LuckyXIIICreations and @endymion!! What a lovely idea, thank you for sharing the link!