50 or more Projects Craftalong -2023

I did NOT finish a single WIP this year :shushing_face: :roll_eyes:



If I count all the pictures I’ve painted recently, I’m pretty sure I’ve hit over 100 projects, yay! I need to go back through my photos and update my list on this thread! Can’t believe it’s 2024 tomorrow … :scream_cat:


Happy new year!

I hope to make more of an impression in this craftalong next year!


If you did not make this happen in two years in a row, my advice would be to just leave them.
You do not have to finish them. Feel free.
Throw them away, frog them, if at all possible, or give them to someone who will finish them.
And stop feeling guilty about them. Be free.


Wise words! I will be spending New Year’s Day going through my knitting and quilting WIPS to determine why I have not finished them.

I sort of have to since the room I have them stored in will be used for my husband’s recovery room after his surgery this Wednesday!

After all this time, it is time to let some go!


I hear you, but a few I want to finish.

The problem with one isn’t that I don’t love it, but that my stitch count is broken and with it being crochet I’m not as confident with my ability to fix it without breaking the pattern.

I shall overcome as I’ve done before! (to paraphrase Nothing but Thieves)

No.2 item; I need my full brain capacity to do Maths. I’m at the end of the pattern (not sure how because I used the right needles / yarn size), it needs to be bigger so I need to work out the size of the next couple of blocks, the row repeat increases each block. Should be simple enough, I just haven’t sat down with a clear head to do it. I’m intending to give this away so I have until May.

2 items, no, make that 3 are about to be frogged. 2 I didn’t love and the other one is a 2 part shawl. Whilst I am literally rows from finishing 1 half, my notes are awol and I can’t match without them!!

On the plus side, my current wip, a knit gilet, I managed to fix a mistake on the fly without having to rip back. This made me happy!


Happy new year!! :smile:


Let’s get making!


Having the projects list really helped me in 2023. I’m sure it will do the same in 2024! Thank you for setting this up again.


Thanks @AIMR! This craftalong is such an encouraging and inspiring one, I’m looking forward to lots more creating in 2024!