50 Projects, More or Less, 2024

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Crafting is part of our lives or else we would not be on this fabulous site! So, let’s share our projects and keep track of our accomplishments in this craftalong. Whether you do 1 or 101, you are using the creative side of your big old brain! Go with the flow and enjoy the process.

Sometimes the projects are for others, sometimes they are for yourself. Sometimes they serve a purpose, sometimes they are for no purpose at all , except pure enjoyment!

Have fun…and do whatever you need for yourself…we are here to cheer you on and ooooh and ahhhh over every single post!


AIMR’s List-2024

ALL WIP projects Packed for New Home
Skull hoodie
Wednesday Adams Doll
Frida flower afghan
Felt Christmas dolls
Kimono Robe
Wolf Quilt
Dragon Ball throw pillow
Orange lace shawl
Catona Flower Shawl
Attic24 Springfrost crochet blanket (craftalong)
Vela Flower Shawl in blues
knit sweater (see sheepblue sweater)
crochet sweater with pockets
Berry Batik Quilt
Quilt block of the Month
Alisha Burke lessons
New cushions for chair in craft room
Green button hoop
Legging “slips” from old shirts/clothes
fabric scrap project
paper scrap project
yarn scrap project
Moda Charm Quilt
Baby Quilt for Donelle
Nina’s Wedding Quilt
Crochet cat bag
Crochet cat bag #2
Fleece blocks for baby
Pouch using lemon slices

34. Crochet baby blanket for charity

33. Lime/Burgandy linen stitch scarf
32. Pillowcase for Micah

31. Lined two crochet pouches (WIP finish)

30. Fabric Basket (WIP finish)

29. Friendly Wolf quilt top (WIP progress)

28. Baby burb pads (4)

27. Alter 2 pairs of Jim’s pants (no pics)-one fail and to be donated (made too small!)
26. Repair mola clutch (WIP)

25. Brown/black market bag

24. Doggie baby Bibs

23. Rust blanket from leftover DK yarns

22. Reindeer cross stitch

21. Virus Shawl in green glitter yarn

20. Prairie School cross stitch for pretend swap
19. Remake cards for make-up Galentines Swap

  1. Remake smalls for make-up Galentines Swap

  2. IYP #1 Project-Fabric Rope Bowl

  3. IYP #2 Project-Crochet Pocket Shawl

15. Zoom Art Mar 3, 2024

14. 5 baby bibs

13. Stash baby blanket

12. Snuffle Mat

11. ZigZag market bag

10. Lean to theRight market bag

9. Irene knitted market bag

8. Painted plain wood frame black(no pic)

7. Lemon slice embroidery

6. Christmas stars
5. Fisherman Hat
4.Collage pages (6) from Zoom 1/8/24

3.Virus poncho

2.Crochet hat using BL technique

1.Envelopes from calendar pages


Edel’s list

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  1. Heirloom Quilt Cardigan 1/4
  2. neon Antler Toque 1/8
  3. house socks 1/13
  4. knitted cell phone pillow 1/14
  5. summer top w/ KP cotton 1/24
  1. Drops of Spring mitts 2/13
  2. snuffle mat 2/14
  3. crochet bowl cozies 2/24
  4. Stashbuster Project Bag 2/26
  5. DK musselburgh dupe hat - Mash It Up 2/27
  1. harness strap covers 3/3
  2. stripe mitts x3 3/5
  3. add length to scrap sweater 3/10
  4. musselburgh dupe 2 3/16
  5. knit quilt block coasters 3/24
  1. scrapbusting knit bag 4/2
  2. autumnal dog sweater 4/14
  3. Ravenlight fingerless gloves 4/23
  4. Raven gloves #2 5/25
  1. sweater 7/3
  2. Rachael’s heirloom cardi 7/17

To do:
iron board cover
long knit scarf
Half-triangle cardi or sweater
Modified graphic pullover sweater
checkboard vest


I have got so many goals for 2024! I need to go look at last year’s list …

Completed projects

  1. Mandala painting practice
  2. Tiger watercolour practice
  3. 4 x 6 art for swap (multiple - house, cat)
  4. Autumn landscape watercolour
  5. set of Galentines cards for swap
  6. August Macke watercolour practice
  7. upcycle old wine box and ipad box
  8. wintery 4x6 watercolour practice
  9. moody 4x6 watercolour practice (jellyfish and leaves)
  10. set of collage greeting cards

Claiming my spot! Last year, I hit 123 projects (123 in '23!) and this year I want to make fewer, larger projects. Some of those are in my holdovers list below.

A few things I would like/should do in 2024 are (some are there from years past or are ongoing):
Built-in bookcases
New Draperies for living/dining room windows
Sandy: Matchbox,
Pivoting tree ring card
Sandy: Project bag (Feb birthday)
Boule me once, and/or lasagna drying towels (2) (Valentine’s Day)
Fam Bags from Gram’s tablecloth/napkins (6) (by June)
Clamshell Scrapbook )by June)

Haunted Bathroom diorama
Nicho/shadowboxes/shrine “blanks” to use up scrap wood
Jewelry Xmas Tree (flat or 3D?)
Coffee Table
C Crew pillows

The things I actually do/make will go here : WARNING: THERE COULD BE UNBLURRED PHOTOS THAT ARE NSFW.

Sixty-six: Colonoscopy Prep Jug Tag

Sixty-five: Smokey Bear Tote Bag

Sixty-four: Good Things Happen Here Bottle Tag

Sixty-three: Paper Saltwater Taffy

SIxty-two: Summer Candy Corns!

Sixty-one: Kauai Scrapbook

Sixty: Kauai Sands Scrapbook Enclosure

Fifty-nine: Yogurt, banana, freeze-dried beef liver pupsicles. (no pics or post)

Fifty-eight: Make A Wish Cake Topper

Fifty-seven: MARGARITAS Banner

Fifty-six: Lots of headbands (no posts or pics)

Fifty-five: Green Leopard Desk Chair Cushion

Fifty-four: Clamshell Scrapbook Cover from Repurposed Light Fixture Parts

FIfty-three: Diving Giraffe Slimline Card

Fifty-two: Vintage Table Cloth Tote Bags for the Family - A Collab Between Me & Grams

Fifty-one: Tags for Bags (same post as above)

Fifty: EEEK! Happy Birthday - Skellie Birthday Card

Forty-nine: Road Trip Embellishments

Forty-eight: Thank You Embellishments for ST Dog Vests

Forty-seven: CONGRATS Shaker Card

Forty-six: Summer Breezes Paper Doll Diorama

Forty-five: Star Trek Reversible Dog Vests


Forty-four: Collapsible Outfeed Table for My Table Saw

Forty-three: Spring Wreath Shaker Card

Forty-two: Prototype Tote Bag from Grams’s Tablecloth (no post until the rest are made)

Forty-one: Collected Champagne Cage Chairs (actually made in March)

Forty: Ice Cream Cone Box Card

Thirty-nine: 2024’s First FUNderpants

Thirty-eight: Unplanned Thank You Notes From Left Overs

Thirty-seven: Slimline THANKS! Shaker Card

Thirty-six: Alternative Rainbow Box Card

Thirty-five: A Rainbow of Scent-free Little Trees

Thirty-four: A Whole Mess of Scrapkins

Thirty-three: Rainbow-colored Cloth Napkins


Thirty-two: Candy Coated Caramel Eggs - Paper Candy Copies

Thirty-one: Easter Candy Corn Embellishments

Thirty: Scrappy Thank You Inclusions

Twenty-nine: Hello There, Bigfoot

Twenty-eight: Sunshine & Rainbows Blank Notecards


Twenty-seven: Dodgers Pot Holders

Twenty-six: Four Sets of Scrap Naps! for the Craft Stars Garage Sale


Twenty-five: Lots of wax seals (no post)

Twenty-four: Lepreclaus, Cheery & Lucky - a St. Patrick’s Day Decoration

Twenty-three: Make A Wish St. Paddy’s Day Cards

Twenty-two: Cooktop Burner Grate Pad

Twenty-one: Magnetic Freezer-top Hot Pad

Twenty: Years, They Get Away From You - A Reusable Birthday Decoration

Nineteen: Lasagna Ruler

Eighteen: Plates of Valentine Treats

Seventeen. Valentine Tags

Sixteen. Punny Stenciled Flour Sack Towels

Fifteen. BaaaAAT! Jammies Recon Into Hoodie

Fourteen. Tula Pink Giraffe Cross Stitch Project Keeper

Thirteen. Valentine “Coupon” Matchbook

Twelve. Boxer Shorts Gift Box

Eleven. Feline The Love Shadowbox

Ten. KATE Shaker Card

Nine. Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

Eight. Various Embellishments (no post or pics)

Seven. Another Ring in the Tree Birthday Card

Six. Sandy’s Make-A-Wish Birthday Matchbox

Five. Woodsy Conversation Heart Valentine Cards

Four. “Cap” for salvaged PVC pipe quiver for TheMisterT (no pic or post)

Three. 20 Dozen Firestarters (no pic or post)

Two. Full Of Thanks Shaker Cards

One. Krampus Paper Doll


I’m here for the party!

My hope-to-do list:
My sock-along socks
My Christmas socks
a proper sewing project before 3/20.

Other ideas: Project keeper footstool, Nana knitting bag, 12 days of Christmas Calendar, House elf ornament, knitted dolly (with clothes or topsy-turvy maybe), House shaped tissue box cover, Reusable party decorations, Chair socks, Needle Minder kit, Star Wars kit, candle mat kit, Gnome kit, turtle kit, circus mouse, Family Yearbook, kid’s personal Yearbook, Mando/Grogu ornament, Coffee Press Cozy, something to use the Puffin Rock Patches, rabbit or dog ears hat, FPY used up, Activity kits for clubhouse, button garland, bedroom buntings, vanna yarn use up, Knitted frog, Use the Gsquare,

Total Completed: 33
January: 100th day of dance outfit, 2 heart granny squares, 2 striped blocks,
February: Bunting, 10 Valentines crochet heart Broaches with Dinos, 10 Broach envelopes. Tiny Sweater, crochet Tiara, Tea Party,
March: wash cloth, yarmulke,
April several false starts, no completions
May Gsquare purse, Kidlet’s fingerless gloves,


:sparkling_heart: irid3sc3nt

New for 2024
organize craft room
six galentine cards
galentine extra small craft
Seventeen Valentine cards for fam/friends
Halloween chunky houses
fabric holiday bags using the rest of the fabric
shoes for Elf on the Shelf
spice weasel amigurumi (ravelry)
turn purplish sparkly yarn into knitted torc
try neurographic art
madebybeag’s crochet heart
ceep’s button tree
pineapple latchhook kit
neon legwarmers
purple yarn into cable scarf with tassels
repurpose holiday cards into gift tags
sew pockets into grey deer sweatpants
assemble Halloween mini kit Laura got for me
sew bat doll from 10x2studio
“good tea nice house” cross stitch
sew cat from 10x2studio
marionberries anthotypes sun prints

Stuff from 2023
science the candy corn rat amigurumi (ravelry)
breezy bee amigurumi (ravelry)
make cotton scarves into skirt
turn AIMRs fish tins into xmas dioramas
the 31 days of halloween advent calendar
make beaded stag beetle brooch kit
make beaded owl brooch kit
rainbow plastic outdoor bead hanger x2
Scrap bracelets by kittykill
Iowa quilt block pillow for ma?
Gathered skirt using the kawaii fabric I bought, maybe use etsy pattern?
Crow on a spool with a key
matchbox Halloween scene, using matchbox diecut
tiedye those two geocaching shirts
cut collars on several tee shirts
finish amigurumi werewolf
frog and redo amigurumi kraken tentacles
Alisa Burke classes, if still available

Completed List

  1. A silly card for my nephew’s birthday

  2. Pineapple Latchhook Kit

  3. Eight tiny valentine playing card banners

  4. Six Alice in Wonderland themed GALentine cards

  5. Seventeen valentines for fam/friends

  6. valentine dino postcard

  7. two cards for my loves

  8. twenty-nine valentine favors for school

  9. five (I think?) valentines for LC members

  10. wood-and-hardware robot magnet

  11. UV resin paw magnet

  12. Needlefelted strawberry magnet

  13. Collage Bookmark

  14. spring cross stitch for jemimah

  15. Mint and Black cross stitch for bunny1kenobi

  16. simple matchbox for bunny1kenobi

  17. mint and black tiny jar for bunny1kenobi

  18. flower card for bunny1kenobi

  19. weird belated birthday card for Mom

  20. tiny carved unicorn stamp for geocaching letterbox

  21. birthday card for my husband

  22. birthday card for Amelia


Maybe I want to do this for 2024? Part of me thinks it would be interesting to track, but part of me sort of dreads having one more place to post stuff. Saving a spot just in case.

  1. 4x6 calendar page envelopes (J)
  2. Galentine’s Swap cards
  3. Junk journal for February challenge
  4. Junk journal page for tracking new stuff watched
  5. Galentine’s zine
  6. Swap ATC for Lynx
  7. Pick-3 ATC for self
  8. Scrappy masterboard
  9. Swap ATC for fluffypants (see link in #6) (F)
  10. Bonus Galentine card (see link in #2)
  11. Floral calendar page envelopes
  12. Screen prints from library program
  13. ICAD bases for February Thing-a-Day
  14. Eco-dyed pillowcase & experiments from library program (M)
  15. ATC Trio for garage sale
  16. Art journal Zoom page
  17. IYP ATC trio for jeanneleigh
  18. More affirmation blanks
  19. Cereal box doodle ATCs
  20. Archway art journal page (A)
  21. ATCoins for swap
  22. Bonus ATCoins
  23. Gelli prints
  24. Mail art for GS send
  25. Map coloring junk journal page
  26. Eclipse junk journal page
  27. Sausage Cheese Slow-Cooker Dip
  28. Art journal pages from Mike Deakin prompts (M)
  29. Decorated library card and pocket
  30. Seed and narrow envelopes and templates
  31. Swap ATCs for Myruka and curiousfae (plus masterboard for M’s)
  32. Homemade paper from Ignite class
  33. Friendship bracelets @library (J)
  34. ATCoin resends (see link in 22)
  35. Quickie notecard
  36. Finished gluebook (started November 2023)
  37. Altered address labels (J)
  38. Linocut and prints from Ignite class
  39. Affirmation junk journal pages

Definitely read this as “head banger” at first :laughing:. Also, I’m pretty sure once you’ve bought an Alisa Burke class you have it forever, as long as you have the password info.


You don’t need to post in the thread…just your post. If you bookmark it, it is easy to just go to your own page. Some people do it as the project gets done, others do it in chunks.

I list what I complete and then add photos when I have time…and you don’t even need to post photos on your own list if you just want to post in other threads on LC! Be flexible with yourself…this is not meant to be a stressor! No dreading allowed!


I’m in.


My Lists


Musselburgh hat
Vanilla socks
QOV quilt
I Spy quilts (4)
Cotton Afghan
Boomerang shawl
Daily Stitch Embroidered tote bag
Sweater vest

To Do:

School blazer
Handspun cardigan
Scrappy hearts quilt


  1. Easter socks
  2. Doggy hood
  3. Doggy cowl
  4. Junk journal secret notes (x18)

Im in! :smiley:

Kolorblok Shawl
Reykjavik Soft sweater
Jannes fingerless mittens
Mums elephant
M-L’s tiny scarf
Pixel Adventure Dragon SAL

To Do:
Bengt’s socks
Mend brothers socks

Mended 2 bedsheets - Jan

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I’m in, I will add my list here.

  1. Crochet ipad cover


  • tunic for my sister (completed, but not finished eg blocking)
  • HP pasport holder for my cousin
  • Monopoly quilt
  • Squatter quilt
  • family tree cross stitch


  • crochet shell earrings (match friend’s business logo)
  • another v-shape shawl for a friend
  • shorts for my niece
  • Letterkenny anniversary stitch
  • crochet ipad cover
  • sunflower cushion
  • Backstreet Boys cross stitch
  • Red Dwarf cross stitch
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My ADHD brain has trouble with ongoing follow-up, but I’ll try again. Holding this spot; list to come later…


I loved tracking my projects last year and am looking forward to doing it again this year!


I’m in again!!

I think this is finish no.1 for the year:


Im in! Will post list later

Mended my favorite designer sweater.


I really want to join in the fun, but I am horrible about actually taking pictures of my projects! So here we go. Maybe this year will be the one I can actually keep up with things.

The List

  1. 2023 Reading Stats Journal Pages
  2. Blue/Green Scarf Cover-up
  3. Vintage Rose Stripe Doll Dresses
  4. Cream Cottage Roses Doll Dresses
  5. Cream Cottage Roses Doll Dresses #2
  6. February Book Binding Adventure
  7. [Reversible American Girl Shift Dress]
  8. Upcycled Calico Shirt Doll Dresses
  9. Leftovers Dress Trio
  10. Three Dusty Rose Dresses
  11. March Dress Smorgasbord
  12. Blue Batik Dresses
  13. Random April Dresses
  14. Blue Batik Sunflower Dresses
  15. Powder Blue Morning Glory Dresses
  16. Pink & Green AG Shift Dress
  17. Teal & Cream Floral (+ extra)
  18. Pink Batch of Doll Dresses
  19. Itty Bitty Liberty Lawn Dresses
  20. May Pukifee Doll Dresses
  21. Pink Polka Dot Sundress Set
  22. Misc. Doll Dresses
  23. Green & White Floral Doll Dresses
  24. Vintage Blue Ditsy Floral Dresses
  25. Blue & Brown Self Striping Socks.