50 Projects, More or Less, 2024

I repurposed some old (clean!) pj’s into a garland:


Nice! I have a couple wreaths that look like this only, you know, in a circle. I use the green one for St. Patrick’s Day… slowly adding more elements to it.


I made these socks for my youngest. I found the pattern on Ravelry. It’s called When Worlds Collide. The left sock is a view of the top to show off the lace pattern.


Those look so cozy!

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Great job!

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Hark! Project #4


Darling! Your work on these is just beautiful.

I have 2 more projects completed (bringing my total to 3).

First up is a flower hot pad. The pattern is a free pattern from Ravelry. I think I will just use it as a trivet because it’s so open I’ll burn myself if I use it to grab hot stuff.

Next up is some rudimentary embroidery. My puppy attacked my shirt while I was doing yoga, and left a hole. I don’t really like the shirt at all, but it is new from Christmas. So . . . I attempted to repair it with something pretty. If it still falls apart I’ll just try again until I figure out this style of repair for myself.


Love the visible mending!

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The embroidery mending is such a great idea, it looks so good!

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Haven’t gotten a picture of project #5 yet (more doll dresses) but here’s a book for project #6. Quarto-Legal size and about 190 pages. Mostly new materials, which is unusual for me.


This is really lovely. It’s one of those notebooks you have to get, but is too nice to write in! :wink:

Aww, thank you! That’s a terrific compliment

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Your journals are quite lovely!

Happy birthday, @AIMR ! I hope you have a lovely day! :cake::partying_face::balloon:

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Project #8 - finishing up some half-done dresses. I was using fabric salvaged from an old shirt from my mother and had to do some careful cutting to avoid stains and holes.


Made some fun things for a sweet young friend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Gnomes at home!

This is based on a cute little accordion pouch pattern that’s a free video tutorial online, but I changed it up a bit. It just has so many pockets for holding the best treasures.

And some summer bunting that would be nice outside, it’s bigger triangles and longerish. It was a panel, I could not resist it or the co-ordinating fabric on the discount floor of the fabric store recently. I’m on a no-buy craft allowance but it doesn’t count if you make something with the supplies right away, right? :smile:

Since young miss is getting quite the collection of bunting from her friends here, I figured a case to hold some of them might be handy.

I love that vintage flower button, it’s from my very most precious stash.


I’m so glad you posted these pics, I wanted to acknowledge them but couldnt decide where to do it (not personal swaps as I’ve not sent anything your way yet!).

These are all so loved and appreciated. I may have temporarily confiscated the gnome pouch… I mean, gnomes! But i’ll give it over …. Maybe. Lol

Thank you!


Supercute little pouch!
And what a lovely bunting! Im dreaming of making them too, but so far its only dreams! :sweat_smile: But great with the bunting bag!


I haven’t made anything in so long, it was such a joy stitching those up. Keep the pouch, she has a dino purse already :grin:

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