$50 Sewing Machine Restoration

I wish I still had the original photo from Facebook Marketplace, but I can’t find it. :slightly_frowning_face: Anywho, she was just $50. Tucked away in someone’s garage. She was thoroughly covered in dirt, dust, and all sorts of unloved.

A little elbow grease, varnish & wax, and she’s almost as good as new. I’m obsessed with her.

The drawers look like some sort of smiley-faced character from Sesame Street. :laughing:


Ooooh, sewing machine porn!

She is a beauty, great job!


A beauty! Will you stitch with her? Mine needs a belt, she was $100 from the thrift store, a house warming gift from my mama. Also a White! Her name is Betty :smile:


Wowww, what an amazing housewarming gift! Are ours twins??

Seeing yours reminds me I never took a picture with the modesty panel on the front affixed again. It was broken off when we got her, but at least the lady still had it, so that was a bonus.

I haven’t stitched with her yet, but I hope to someday. :grimacing:

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Your wood work is more ornate & definately the machine decorations are too. Same drawer handles and stand though so very close. The lighting in the hall won’t allow for great photos, sadly, but one day I’ll figure out her year and model number.
Gran’s Singer & a hand crank we found are in the studio. They both function but the Singer smells horribly of ozone when it’s on.


It looks beautiful! I love the smiling drawer pulls. I am just about to restoring a Singer treadle machine. Do you have any tips, tricks or websites that might be helpful? Magpie got me to thinking about a name… Perhaps, Ella, for one of my favourite singers.

Sooooo pretty!

What a beautiful machine! I love all the gold accents. They really elevate it into a work of art!

Oh wow! Just beautiful! Good job at recovering it! I really love these machines but I just don’t have the space for it! I agree the drawer pulls totally look like Muppets or something.

Just thought I’d share this thing from my thrift store if you find it interesting!

It’s a 1880’s singer sewing machine attachments puzzle box.


I have one of those too, I gutted it with plans to do something interesting.

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Incredible! I dearly love old sewing machines.


She’s stunning!

She looks very Victorian with all those flowers! Let us know if you do sew with the machine.

@Magpie, I love that PeeWee Herman characters play on your sewing machine.

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Yeah I was thinking of doing the same but decided otherwise.

Those came from mr @kittykill’s toy store! @Drtonguestoys.


This machine is gorgeous!

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Wow!! Stunning!!!

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