50s style purse

We’re going to a wedding next week and I’m wearing a 50s style tea dress. In a kind of teal colour. It will be a small wedding, but it’s one to really be celebrated because of the back story of the bride.

I needed a purse, so I made this from some spoonflower fabric. I didn’t have a lot, so I added in some pink flamingo fabric for the sides and base. Inside is a fun aristocrats print with pockets and lipstick holder etc.

Also, the handle and the darker greeny contrast band is from the end of the drapes that were hanging in a bedroom when I bought this house. They were too long, so I shortened them, the bits cut off were the perfect colour. (Justifying me keeping the offcuts)

I also made this fascinator, (just need to perfect a a DIY up do before Thursday) dress in the background.

And added some ribbon and sparkly buttons to these shoes.

I’m trying to buy much less stuff, so everything was from stash, or my existing wardrobe… With the exception of 4euro in a thrift shop for the feather hair clips.


This is so fun! It looks like you’ll be hiding cocktails in your bag! :laughing: The whole ensemble will be wonderful together I’m sure!


Need a bag to match a dress…think I will just whip one up…lol…and you did!

I love the fascinator as well…you will definitely be dressed for the special occasion! Nice job!


Wow, that’s a beautiful! And all from stash, I guess that means your stash is impressive! I believe all weddings and other life events should be properly celebrated. Even if it’s a small wedding, it’s always much more fun when you are dressed for a party instead of a boring work meeting.

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What a great kit you’ve put together for this celebration with and of your friends! I imagine the bride and groom with appreciate your thoughtfulness in your outfit for their big day, too.

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gorgeous! the purse, the fascinator, the dress, the STASH!


I love it! The whole outfit is just perfect!

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Those fabrics…swoon! Your whole ensemble looks fab!

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Ooh it is very sizeable. Scarcity mentality, when I used to craft as a kid, it was mostly crappy markers and crayons, cheap thin paper and blunt scissors. The occasional craft kit for Christmas if I was really lucky. Then when I started to sew, fabrics were scarce and very expensive. Ireland wasn’t (and still isn’t) noted for accessible craft supplies. As i got more disposable income and started to travel, I started to hoard fabrics and other craft supplies when I found them.

I’m better at using the good stuff, and I don’t keep everything. I do use up stuff, but I keep buying more! And of course now most things are accessible online.


There’s an excellent sewing channel on YouTube. She makes all sorts of bags, purses, pouches etc etc. No chat, she just shows simple patterns and detailed step by step instructions.

This is the video for this bag.

https://youtu.be/iNetiDas5Ys it was @Magpie that pointed me in her direction. She makes purse making so accessible


Yas, woman! Every bit of this is awesomesauce! You made a fabulous bag and accessorized beautifully, and it is all SO you!


Please, oh please, let us see you all dolled up for the wedding :smiley:


:cocktail: :dizzy: Congrats, this fantastic purse is one of this week’s featured projects! :dizzy: :cocktail:

Aw thanks :grin:

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The purse is awesome and the addition of the flamingos to the side makes it completely you!

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Congrats! You sparked my interest in making bags again with that video link…@magpie gave a link as well to the one she made…just have to decide which one to try first!

I certainly have enough fabric but will just have to make everyday purses since I have no special events…oh wait, we will be going to my husband’s 50th class reunion this fall…a new purse and outfit is in order!!!

I love this purse and your fabric choices. I also love that it can be used for other outings down the line, it isn’t too-too fancy/event specific making it have a small use window. Love!

Thank you, turns out this is a really useful size and shape, definitely worth considering this one @AIMR it’s a Goldilocks bag, not too small, not too big and the strap is long enough to go over your shoulder and be carried as a handbag. (I made the strap about4" longer than the original tutorial) plus it doesn’t take a lot of fabric, so it’s perfect for showcasing something really special.


So this is the whole outfit, and the sun is shining here in Belfast @Cindy


Gorgeous! :star_struck:

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