6-rings Fabric Necklace

I made this necklace for my mom who turned 60 last November (yes, it’s late). Each ring is supposed to represent a decade, so 6 rings = 60 years!

Mr. Road soldered the copper rings for me (I hear a soldering lesson is in my future).

The necklace itself is a piece of clothesline wrapped with fabric (1-inch wide) and stitched with embroidery floss. I used some wire wrapping to keep the pieces together and added a twist to the clothesline. The closure is more wire wrapping and a simple clasp. I’m working on designing an upgrade to this part for future pieces (that’s part of the soldering lesson!).

Here’s a photo of it being worn for reference.

I really like this style and hope to play with it a lot more!


Cool necklace! I love the colours in the copper

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I am loving your fibery/metal necklaces! How do you wrap the cord?

That’s really cool I like the 6 rings=6 decades
When anyone in my family turns 21 they get $21 as their birthday present (probably for beer money)
I think it’s a grand tradition as I have 1 turning 21 in March

We used to give the nephews $1 for each year of their birthday…but it got too hard to remember after they turned $10 or so…

I love the idea of the rings on a necklace…it is like a secret that your mom can keep or she can show it off in her glory…lovely idea…

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Disclaimer: I got the idea of the 6 rings from the Internet. :wink:

It was a bit tricky to figure out at first. I tried gluing to keep the fabric in place, but it just ended up mucking things up. Ultimately, I ended up pulling the fabric around the cord (1-inch width works for the size cord I have) and stitching it in place with a whip stitch. I have another one planned (for me this time), so I’ll try to get pics of the process to share.

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I absolutely love this! I love your truly unique fiber jewlery projects, and how each one is a new experiment. I’m so glad you shared this in its own post.

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That’s really neat. My husband just got me soldering iron for my birthday. I can’t wait to get into it. Ahhhh. Must. Make. All. The. Things.
I love the mixed-media aspect, copper with fiber, very, very neat. It’s probably an interesting sensory experience too

Oh how exciting! You’ll do awesome things with it I’m sure!

Love the fabric necklace you made for your mama.

Enjoy your soldering lesson from the hubs…soldering is so much fun!

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I like the type of fabric used for the cord, and the overall design of it. Hope your mom liked it :smiley:

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