60th Birthday Card

Six hearts for 6 decades. Best when the light shines through.

It looks okay when it’s closed, but not nearly as pretty.

I drew this with CorelDraw. Cut with Silhouette. The colored tissue is kite paper–it’s also known as Waldorf star paper. It’s waxy and can be cut by machine, but peeling it off the carrier sheet has to be done very carefully.

Here is the inside.


Such a cute idea - love it :smiley:

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It’s beautiful!

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What fun!!

Great, another craft supply I’ve never heard of and have no use for, but want anyway.

Lovely card!

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Love the stained glass effect
I’d be delighted to receive such a card

This is beautiful!!

It’s very pretty, my man would love something like this.

It’s beautiful!

:bomb: Boomdiggity! Your awesome project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :boom:

Beautiful and sweet.

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Beautiful card. Thanks for introducing me to a new paper!

I adore this so much.