9 Stitch Cable Help

I’m working on making this hat for myself:

and it started off good, but I’ve just gotten to the part where I start the cabling and I’m a bit confused by the directions. I’ve cabled before but never one like this…
The pattern says

Rnd 9: P4, slip 3 to cn and hold in back, slip next 3 to cn and hold in front; k3; k3 from second cn; k3 from first cn, p4

and I’m just having the hardest time visualizing how this works. Part of the issue might be that I’m not doing true knitting but knooking, but I haven’t had trouble with cables in the past. I just don’t really understand how this works. I tried looking for videos of this being done but couldn’t find any, it was all cables similar to ones I’ve done before.
Can anyone help me get a better grasp of this?

Do you see the little three stitch knit row up the center? You will be doing the cable while also making that meandering row up…

You will need two cable needle holders.

P4…put 3 on a CN and hold it in the back of your working needles…slip another 3…so you now have 6 stitches, 3 in back, 3 in front…go to your needle that is holding the other stitches and K3…push your in front cable needle to be knitted next…push your back cable needle and knit those…purl 4 from the main needle…

Should work the same with a knook…maybe even easier! I would skip the CNs and just go back to the stitches you “missed”…let them drop onto the cord (6 of them)…reach under and knit the first three and reach back and knit the second three…


If you think of it as 3 strands of a plait, each with 3 sts.

You have to move the right and middle strands (3sts on cn at back and 3sts in front) out of the way so you can move the left strand (3sts you knit) to the right. You then put the centre strand (3sts at front) back in place before moving the right hand strand (3sts at back) over to the left hand side, then purl to keep them in place.



I am so buying knook needles after reading this post…I spent hours last night looking at videos…ha ha…thanks…and hope you show off your hat soon!

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Thinking of it like a braid actually really helps in terms of visualization. Thanks!


Oh great … off to find out about knooking … GAH! I have a doubleweave I want to experiment with on my rigid heddle … I do not need another new craft!!

Down the rabbit hole I go!!


:laughing: Knooking is great for people like me who can crochet but just couldn’t get the hang of knitting.