A Bevy of Bowl Cozies

While bowl cozies were all the rage a few years ago, they’re still a very useful gift! My mom got a template set from Temu, so I used those (started with an 11" square of fabric) to make these.

The full stack:

Individual Bowls- All except for the Celtics bowl were made using fabric that my mom had in her craft closet.

The first 5 are gifts for my mom’s friends:

These two are for 2 guys- same fabrics used for each.

This one is for one of my coworkers. He saw someone using one that I had gifted a couple of years ago, and said that he’d like to have one.

And this last one is for me to keep in my lunch bag. It matches the set of dishes I keep at school (in an effort to go plastic free!).

Using the template meant I didn’t have to mark the dart placement, so it was a little faster for that step, But, I did have to cut the squares and then fold them into quarters before trimming them with the template. So, I don’t think it save much time, but it was definitely less fiddly than having to mark the darts. I decided to order a set of the templates for myself to see what the other sizes were like. Be prepared for more bowl cozy posts!



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Love the fabrics! Those bowl cozies make such great gifts.

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Nice job! I made these as holiday gifts two years ago, and people really have loved them. At least one of them then went on and made them for others the next year. They are just SO handy! And yours are cute too.

Oh, and I also did plate sized ones as well. Handy for warming a plate of food.

Word of caution, a friend is in a quilt guild and they sold these as a fundraiser a few years back. They had a complaint a while later from someone who said she bought one and it didn’t work at all. After some questioning she said “the soup just leaked right through”. Turns out, she didn’t use a bowl! :rofl:


These look great, temu template…hmmmmm I never seen to make mine bowl-y enough. We use them all the time. They’re never going out of fashion in our house.

LOL! I would never have expected someone to do that! Maybe I should make a tag for them…

I use mine all the time, too! The templates come in a set of 6 sizes- I don’t know what the smaller sizes would work with, but I’ll make one of each up, just to see. Worst case, they become little baskets for my craft room. I bought a larger cozy at a craft fair and it’s a good size for my soup/pasta bowls, so I’m hoping one of the larger sizes is a good fit.

These have pretty good structure to them, but my seams may be more generous than intended (I used just over 1/4”), so that may have impacted it, especially the darts. They fit a Corelle “cereal” bowl perfectly, but also look like they’ll fit the bowl in my lunch kit. I’ll report back when I go back to school :smile:


Awesome! I think I remember you made these last year? Because I stole the idea! I made bowl cozies as gifts this year, so thanks for the inspiration!!

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Bowl cozies are the gift that keeps on giving! I use mine almost daily.

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I might have! There’s always someone who doesn’t have one :smile:

Me too! I need a few extra so if some are in the laundry, I gave spares.

Nice job! They do make great gifts!

I use the ones made for me in a swap because of the larger size. I consider them “placemats” to go since I eat some meals at my desk!

Perfect for ice cream and other snacks, too… @KarenLouiseM …omg…I can’t imagine how anyone could keep a straight face if told that the soup leaked through…I sometimes throw in dry snacks like pretzels, but soup? ha ha ha BTW–WELCOME BACK!!! We miss you and your awesome projects!


Once I get my set of templates, I’ll make all the sizes- it would be nice to have a plate sized one, too!

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I love these, they’re so cute. I made some of these with a friend of mine, we are both novice sewers and they came out wonky, it’s nice to see what pretty ones are supposed to look like :slight_smile: lol

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As long as they work, it doesn’t matter what they look like! And, it’s a good project to practice with because it has a few techniques that can help you improve your skills.