A bevy of bracelets

For the GALentines swap, I made extra long friendship bracelets for my partners in some of their fave colors. I made these Extra long (over 2 feet) so the GALs could use them how they wanted- either wrap them several times or maybe use them as trim in a small project. Like maybe use part as a zipper pull or something like that.

For Gozer:

For bluebird (if I’m remembering right)

For Tapestry

I know I took pictures of all 6 of the bracelets I made, but for the life of me I cannot find them! @Annchen @aimr @myruka if you have a pic of your bracelet and wish to share it here, please feel free!

In true friendship bracelet fashion, I also made one for myself.


What a fun inclusion for Galentine’s! Very thoughtful of you to make them long and versatile.


You got the friendship bracelet skills, for sure! I’m jealous.

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Fun! I would love to steal this idea for the girls to make with me for their cheerleading team/coaches. It’s a great gift!

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Steal away! :rofl:

And thanks!

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Ah! So you do have favorite colors. :rofl: :joy: I love mine. Thank you!

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Ha! That’s just what I wear most often. :rofl:

Glad you like it! :heart:

Not the best picture but here is my bracelet.

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Yey! Thanks for posting it! :heart:

I like how thin they are and that you made them for multiple uses.

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Thank you!