A Bike Handle for Blurple

On a trip, it was discovered that my folding bike had a crack in the frame… I was looking at 3 weeks in a foreign country with only the trains and my feet for transportation. My Husband found the local Brompton dealer and made the mistake of saying I could take my pick. Well, I made a bee line to the obnoxious glittering blue/purple bike :slight_smile:

I love it BUT even folded, these little bikes are hard to carry. Husband bought a handle for his bike and I bought a bag to carry it in. Well… the bag is fiddly and takes room and time to put the bike it it.

The Man’s bike handle is black and plastic and matches his bike very well. So I took a crack at making my own in a more appropriate color palette. I copied the original one husband bought to make it.

Behold the handle!

Unfolded & off the bike

Un-behandled bike:

The fabric is some sort of upholstery from a time before I was born. Late 60’s maybe? Anyway, its been in my stash of favorites for a decade but it fit this purpose sooo well! Strapping and fiddly bitz are Dritz with matching purple Coats and Clark upholstery thread.

D-rings are to add a shoulder strap


So great!! :purple_heart:

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I love that it is so functional and that it matches the personality of the bike (and owner!) That fabric is perfect for it, too.

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Congratulations on your new bike! And congratulations on such a successful handmade handle! Your stash, skills, and the star all aligned to make this so dang perfect.


This came out so great! Good for you making something that is otherwise boring, fun for yourself (and your bike).

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You did a great job with this project, the fabric is delicious with that bike & the construction looks pro. I think the 2 pieces are to accommodate some cables, yes?

I’ve been captivated by your folding bike story & looked up the company. There’s a bike shop in Toronto that carries them, not far from me. Do you find it as good as an ordinary bike or is it just an acceptable option for travel, etc? Is your electric? I love my regular bike but it is a bit awkward loading it onto the car roof for camping & travel.

I think there’s a lifetime warranty on the frame so I hope your cracked bike got repaired.

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Thank you! But the purchase was in 2019 and I’m just getting around to it for another trip. I’m taking 2019 and 2020 off my age because I didn’t do anything…

Yes! I have a regular bike and this folder. I tend to take the foldy bike if I’m going somewhere that I’m not certain of the bike locking options, quick trips to convenience stores, or places I need to dash in for something small.

Not electric - most of the electric folders are made in China so off my list to purchase.

A cross brace but yes!

The folding bike with the cracked frame is a Bike Friday, not a Brompton. They also have a warranty but I’ve been too lazy to mail it back to Portland and have it replaced + covid. Was custom made for Husband but its had soooo many problems since he’s a big guy. Here is his review of our first round of folding bikes eventually he got a brompton because of the problems with the Bike Friday and I claimed it for myself.

Thank you all for the lovely comments I can!t wait to see how it performs in real life.


Haha! Certainly a legitimate approach!

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I bring my regular bike in to our office & stash it in a side room that hasn’t been used since before covid. If it does start to be accessed tho I wouldn’t be able to put it there any longer. It simply isn’t safe to lock up outside or in the underground parking lot, our downtown sees too much petty crime & theft. A folding bike would fit right under my desk tho. It’s quick & easy to collapse?

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YES! I used it to take the bus to my office more than once. It fits under standard desk height when folded.

This strap matches perfectly! Stash for the win!!!

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And here the bikes are, side by side.

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I never even knew there was such a thing as a folding bike! I am so intrigued that you can attach a strap and carry this over your shoulder! You did a great job copying the functionality of the one your husband has but yours is so much prettier and the handle looks very comfy to use.

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My gramma had one but that was 40 years ago & it was a clunky beast, lol. Not like these designful eyefuls.

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Yep! Brompton has been around since 1975. Made in London

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Coming back many months later to report that it works like a charm! We had abcourier take the bikes from hotel to hotel when we went to a new city on the trip. In town the handle was great for walking the bikes out of the hotels and walking places been couldn’t bike.