A birthday cake for my niece

For my niece’s second birthday, my mom baked a chocolate cake. My daughter and I decorated it (and helped eat it :wink:)


Oh my goodness, how cool is that? Looks amazing.

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That looks so fun to make, look at and eat!

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What an awesome cake! I love the creativity and arrangement of all the different chocolatey goodies. Happy birthday to your niece!

Now that is a cake! It looks so delish!

So fun! Everybody gets their favorite topping! Very clever.

Your niece must have had a hard time picking where to start eating all the fun stuff on that cake!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:
I really like this sort of decoration, because it takes only minutes and the result is super fun.
And we had leftover sweets, because we didn’t remember the exact size of the cake when we went shopping and wanted to make sure we have enough to cover it.

OMG! This is so much fun! Everyone must have wanted to try each one!!!