A bit of Solace in these crazy times

Last weekend while I was washing dishes, I found my heart heavy, thinking about my mom and wishing that dad were still with us.

Then, the need to embroider came to mind as a means of escape to let my soul mend.

Now as a kid, I spent my summers with my grandparents as both of my parents worked full time. My mamaw was what one could call “a mountain woman”, full of wisdom of the woods, symbolism and superstitions. Whenever she saw a red bird/cardinal, she would tell me that the spirit of loved one who had passed over was paying a call.

That day as I had my hands in the soap suds and my mind on my dad, I looked through the window above the sink to see at least 6 cardinals flitting around in my back yard. One of them hopped onto the flower bed just outside my window to stare at me. Memories of mamaw’s red bird story came back to me and I teared up. I spent the next five minutes talking to that bird while it continued to watch me. When the bird finally rejoined its friends, my soul felt lighter and hope took its place.

Later that day, I perused the internet for a bit of embroidery inspiration and came across the pattern, a cardinal surrounded by mistletoe. Being a symbol of hope and rebirth/renewal, I found the perfect pattern to remind me that my Dad’s listening, and he always will. :slight_smile:


your grandma sounds like my mom-a good ole country woman. I’ve been told the same thing about cardinals
Your embroidery is fantastic, lovely stitching

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This turned out so nice. I love cardinals.We don’t have them on the west coast and I miss them from my childhood.

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Beautifully done and lovely story…

The cardinal is our state bird and each time I see one in my yard, I, too, think of those I miss…

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I love the story, I love your embroidery, and I love your picture. I just love everything about this.

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What a beautiful way to bring memory and story into the material world!


Beautiful story and a beautiful embroidery. Creativity really does mend the soul.

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Thank you for sharing your story. I love your Cardinal Dad.

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What wonderful memories, and a wonderful piece of art.

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