A bunch of ATCS

Here are a bunch of ATCs I’ve made in the past few weeks. plus some other small art.

The prompt for this ATC was recycled materials. I have used a tag, notebook fringe, a box top with acrylics and gelatos.

The prompt for these 2 were to use a map page as the background

For these inchies the prompt was to use something metallic and I used copper tape form the hardware store

another recycled ATC

Zetti style

another recycled one. this one with a clothing tag, drywall tape, notebook fringe and paper scraps

This is a twinchie and a Moo (1" by 2 3/4") - the prompt was coffee

the prompt for this was a series of 5 with black and white textured background and yellow embellishments. the backgrounds have washi, texture paste, India ink, and acrylics


I love these all!

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Such a great variety! They really show off your various skills. I like the black and white series quite a bit. I’m definitely going to have to make a list of things to pick up at the hardware store- copper tape and drywall tape add so much to the cards. Also, I need to dig out my inchie collection and get them framed up. I might even make a few more- they’re so fun, and it’s amazing what you can squeeze into such a small area.

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And one I forgot to post


You’ve been busy! I love your zetti style ATCs :slight_smile:

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These are great! I’ve always enjoyed your paper crafting style!



Where did you get your prompts from?

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Swaps I join on swap-bot. I’m in several private groups and the swaps will often be random things like ‘use a postage stamp’, ‘use 3 things off this list of techniques’ Etc. those are the type of atc swaps I like.

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