A Concrete Obsession

I recently have decided I want to play with concrete, so I got some supplies and got to work. My kids’ marching band participated in a local university band day where they spent the day with their marching band and got to perform a song with them at half time. My kids’ band teacher/director is an alum of the university marching band, so I downloaded a photo of our HS band and made it into this commemorative coaster.

(Image and band name blurred for safety.)

Then, I got to thinking about other things I could make with concrete, and as @aimr can confirm, I went down an Etsy rabbit hole.

I did not even know molds to make concrete decorations was a thing, but it is, and I had to have some!

So I ordered this bird and a couple gnomes from an Etsy shop based in Germany! Shipping was surprisingly quick!

As you can see, the mold worked! I need to fill it better and get air bubbles out more, but my first try was a success! I’ll have to paint her!


This looks really cool. Are they the same as moulds that you would use with plaster or do they need to be different because of the concrete?

I believe they are like the ones for plaster. I just used the concrete stuff you get for stepping stones because that is what I had on hand.

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What cool projects! I’m looking forward to seeing where this concrete path leads you. :grin: I hope the band had fun with their special performance, too.

I’ve been researching cement stuff a little here and there over the last few months considering changing the look of some as yet unfound decorative pieces. I may pick your brain a bit later even though cement and concrete aren’t exactly the same.


Your garden is going to be full of new lovely concrete goodies! The bird is precious!

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I painted a coat of blue acrylic on my bird and tried one of my gnomes! (Gnomes will get their own post eventually.) It has less air bubbles and shows good detail.


Here’s the first gnome in stepping stone (what I am calling concrete) mix vs the other gnome in plaster of paris.

I’m working on a second mold of the bird now in plaster.


Do you have a preference of concrete/cement/plaster of Paris? Any one easier to unfold or set? I’m so curious!

So far I’m liking plaster of paris the best. It sets really quickly and unmolds pretty easily, too. However, my first try with the bird in PoP the wing broke, so I am trying again and I am going to have it set a little longer. I read that you can unmold with PoP within an hour or two, then it just needs to set for 24 hours to completely dry. I am going to let the bird set several hours at least to see if I can get it out without breaking. The PoP seems to set better without air bubbles, too, but again, I’ve only tried a few times with each as of now.

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Birdies! I’ll see if I can add a lil PoP on the broken wing, but the next one is good!