A Couple of May ATCs (May-TCs?)

I made a couple of cards for the May Ongoing ATC Swap. For curiousfae’s colorful beverage theme, alcohol markers on book page (plus some paint pen for the metal parts). Also, I stole her photo :arrow_down:.

For Myruka’s scrappy/mixed media theme, I made a little masterboard out of fabric bits and then basically treated it like a tiny abstract art journal page. I think this is something I’ll do again.

Thanks for looking!


I love the tiny fabric scraps! What a cool idea :slight_smile:
I have these bags of tiny scraps that I thought I could never find a use for… until now!


Thank you! Weirdly, I originally thought the scrappy base was going to be for another project. By the time it done it was so obviously for this :laughing:.

P.S.~A huge (belated) welcome back!

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