A day of Family Christmas Crafting

Yesterday, my mom set up a crafting day with some of the family. We did a total of 5 things.

First is a wineglass snowman. We coated the inside with mod podge and epsom salt. The hat is an ornament from Dollar Tree.

Next is a lantern made from a wax warmer and vase. Used a variety of greenery and such and hot glued the crap out of it.

I have a jar snow globe with a gold tree and a sign with joy. I took a gold bead/berry over the hole in the sign. We glued the items to a circle of cardboard, put a layer of snow, and then more snow. I’m trying to put some fairy lights in it (I want to find some with a smaller battery pack) and I have to move things as it shifted on the way home.

We made snow globe ornaments. I took bits of a styrofoam plate to put the trees on different layers. The little deer was an afterthought and so you only see the head.

Finally, I made a snowman with toilet paper rolls. It’s not done as I need to fringe the hat. My mom cut fleece blankets you get at the store for the hats and scarves.


What fun projects! I especially love the little globe with the deer peeking out. :slight_smile:

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What a fun day it must have been! All the items turned out great!

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love all the fun crafty goodnesses BUT the lantern made from the wax warmer and hurricane glass is the best!


I think the TP snowman is an awesome memento of 2020.


I love these family memories! Your crafts all turned out so great!

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I love that one too. I was happy my mom had those little trees.

Thank you. I had a hard time with bird, but my cousin helped me sort it out.

Yeah, I’m thinking omg, precious commodity.

Thank you.