A Different Lure for Love

How can you not love this fish?

This ornament was made for the Ongoing Ornament Swap and sent to @roler. It seems everyone is gearing up for a festive season, even deep sea fish like the anglerfish. Throwing some mistletoe on the dangling glow lure, this lonely fish is going for love or at least a few friends for the holidays.
On back a few thing fish gather.

The real fun part of this ornament is that it is interactive. It is a Thaumatrope which were popular in the 1800s for toys or love tokens.

You just grab the shell spikes and twist the string rapidly between your fingers.

If you want to see the optical illusion that brings a few fine fishy friends together under the mistletoe, there is a quick video Here on my Reddit.

Just for giggles, here is my original sketch


I love love love my darling anglerfish!! :slight_smile: It’s just the cutest little expression and such a fun bit of added holiday flair! The optical illusion part just takes it over the top! XD I suspect I’ll be keeping it on display for more than just the holidays :slight_smile:

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I feel like I need a plush of this guy to go with the ‘Mistle-toad’ plush I have :rofl:


Such a cute idea!

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I might need one too!

aww, so cute! :slight_smile: :fish:

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You did such a great job on the optical illusion and I love the festiveness of the added mistletoe!

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Cutie pie! Based on the first picture, I thought it is a big one… then I started to wonder how it was made?! Crazy small bits to make! Awesome work!

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How cute and fun!

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