A duo of Deep Space Nine atcs

We’ve been doing some atc trading on Discord, and during that time I claimed @joyfulclover for a Deep Space Nine atc. Luckily, she loved it, but it created her desire for more DS9 atcs!

We recently did a very small private swap, and part of her package were these two Deep Space Nine atcs:


These are both great!!! The ship looks raised and very metallic - did you use an embossing powder? And the Odo quote is awesome!

These are excellent! Are ATC claims still going on the Discord? I haven’t been back there since LC launched, but I really miss swapping.


Yes! It’s been small, but I know several people who have been trying to get it more active. I just made a claim a few min ago!

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These are fun ATCs. I always struggle with backgrounds and I like yours.

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The background for the station is very unique. I can’t quite tell what it is. It feels strong. but slick. and durable. but flexible. Very interesting.

And I knew exactly who this is! and when he said this! I am going to take photos, to post in the thread, but I like to take good photos, in good light. Effort should always be shown off. So don’t you worry, L2L, I am definitely posting these babies!

Yes, swapping slowed, but is still happening on Discord. I love the way it sparks conversation and builds community. We even launched an Ostara swap, as well! So maybe it’s time to look at that again.


The background is alcohol ink on photo paper!

@endymion, The station was cut out with my Cricut and then I colored over it with crayon (I think?) for more color. I glued it to the background.

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Yes, okay. So this makes a lot of sense. Did it take awhile for the ink to dry? I bet the surface really aided with the ink dispersion.

No, not really. It was pretty quick to dry.

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This is a really interesting medium for me to consider. and looks amazing!

THESE ARE SO COOL! I’m a Trek fan and DS9 is so far my favorite. Of course, I don’t have CBS All Access, so haven’t seen much of the new ones. Sigh.

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I don’t have it either, but I always liked DS9 the best, too, because I like the Ferengi!

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I got it for a month last fall to watch the 2 seasons of Discovery. And when season of Picard is done I will get it for another month and watch Picard. I wouldn’t watch it enough to justify keeping it around.

I did that for the first season of Discovery and have considered doing it when Picard’s season is done to watch D2 and Picard. Sir Patrick Stewart is one of my “boyfriends” so I think I could be inspired to do some fan crafts by his new show!


We only have 50 gig/month across all devices, so streaming doesn’t work well. Ugh.

How’s this for timing? I got an email for a free month if I renew. Only catch is I have to cancel before I’m automatically charged. I’ll just set a calendar reminder to do that.

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That is what I did for my free month!